What To Wear Under Waders? Here Are Things!

Waders are indeed one of the most important things to consider when one goes fishing. It is through this equipment that one can productively carry out the whole fishing activity without slowing down due to the external environmental variables. In this article, the purpose as to why people get to wear waders is discussed thoroughly. With it, the different types of waders are also elaborated and differentiated.

​However, most people ask the question, “What to wear under waders?” This question, in particular being one of the most important to answer, given that they could either make or break your experience wearing your waders for whatever purpose. Thankfully, this article aims to answer that FAQ. Surely, fishing will be more fun, enjoyable, and safe once you’re done reading through.


Wearing Waders?
Here are things you can wear underneath them

What Is Wader?

Waders are a type of apparel made especially for the feet. Its introduction as a footwear was way back in the early 1850s, with Hodgman creating the first generation for Waders. From its root word “Wade”, waders were created in order for people to wade through waters without getting wet. This could be distinguished from ordinary boots by the fact that these often extend way beyond the knees, and typically reach the chest in terms of height, although there are wader varieties that reach only the thighs, just before the pelvis.

what to wear under waders

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To make them waterproof, these waders are usually made of an assortment of materials. Back in the day, these waders were made solely from rubber, most especially during the World War I days when the composition of rubber was perfected. Today, however, there are already waders made of more breathable, more comfortable materials such as Neoprene, GORE-TEX, or PVC.

Given that these materials are waterproof, it could be understood that people would seek comfort in other things while wearing them, and would thus resort to asking what to wear under waders, in search of things that are compatible with these waterproof materials waders are made of.

Significance Of Waders

These waders are used for a lot of applications, making them one of the most important footwear you can have in your home. When choosing the kind of wader you are going to buy, you’re supposed to take key consideration into what you’re using it for. Having said that, there are different kinds of waders made for different environments.

In a more specific sense, waders are commonly used in hunting for geese and ducks as part of a camouflage outfit to increase the chance of shooting them. It could also be used for fishing, given that fish would tend to jump around and be frisky inside nets or once they are hoisted from the sea, which could cause water to splatter around, and it would feel uncomfortable once you get wet while fishing.

what to wear under waders

Furthermore, waders could also be considered an emergency essential. These waders would come in handy during floods, allowing you to wade through waters without getting wet. What’s more, they prevent the risk of slipping in flood waters or getting in contact with sharp objects that may have found its way in the water, such as nails and shards of broken glass.

These waders are also used by pastors who initiate baptism ceremonies in lakes, rivers, or other large bodies of water. In a nutshell, waders come in handy when a situation calls you to stay as dry as possible.

Types Of Waders

Apart from the materials they are made of, waders could be broadly classified into two types as well, depending on whether or not the boot is separated from the stocking. Specifically, the two kinds of boots according to classifications that are explained below.

  • Bootfoot Waders
what to wear under waders

Bootfoot waders allow for more convenience. From the name itself, the boot is already attached to the wader, and thus greatly saves time typically consumed in tying the shoelaces as the only thing needed to be done to get ready would just be to slip them on.

These boots put you at an advantage because you could stay warmer for a longer period of time compared with stockingfoot waders.

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  • Stockingfoot Waders

If you’re on the lookout for a more lightweight pair of waders, especially for travelling, then stockingfoot waders is a much better choice. Given that there are not boots that are attached, it could be packed easily in bags.

When it comes to putting the complete setup on, however, expect the process to be a lot more cumbersome, given that you still have to tie boots and all.

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What You Can Wear Under Waders?

Now that we know the different types of waders, the next thing we ought to know is that these waders have to be worn with something else just so that they would be comfortable as possible, hence the question “What to wear under waders?” being a popular query among wader owners. It’s important to note that the proper order of garments to be worn under waders are of utmost importance, especially when it comes to absorbing sweat and keeping the body properly and comfortably insulated.

On what to wear under waders, the kinds of apparel or garments to wear under could be categorized per season, and here are the specifics you ought to keep in mind:

  • Winter, Late Fall, or Early Spring

For the feet, start with a 100% synthetic liner usually made of poly/nylon. This would then be topped by a heavier sock, which is made from either nylon or wool. Make sure that these are not too tight. Moreover, never wear cotton socks, as it could leave you freezing. For the body, it’s best to wear coats made of fleece above synthetic wools and blends.

  • Summer

A heavy to midweight pair of purely synthetic wool is still the perfect choice to manage heat and insulation, as cotton socks would still leave a heavy and uncomfortable feel to them, especially when sweating. For the body, only use a synthetic base layer which would help to cure issues associated with bacteria, which could grow in warmer environments. Never wear jeans under your waders, as these would all soak up the sweat and contribute to a heavy feel on the feet, making the entire venture one which is very uncomfortable.

what to wear under waders
  • Spring And Fall

For these seasons, which may not be as cold as cold as the winter seasons, you may omit the first layer of thin socks for the feet, and just go with having the nylon/wool socks that are heavier in terms of weight, although if you want to stay as comfortably warm as possible, you may wear the exact same outfit for the winter or fall setup as well. For the body, always wear a synthetic wool or synthetic blend to manage insulation of sweat.


Waders are just some of the most important apparel you can have in your closet (fishing shirts, fishing gloves, fishing sunglasses and angling hat), especially if you’re into outdoor activities like fishing, or if you wish to stay dry in wet conditions like floods. It’s important to remember that there is more to these materials than merely putting them on. In choosing the apparel to wear underneath, always go with Nylon, Fleece, or other synthetic materials. cotton is never an option, regardless of season.

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