What Makes The Best Fishing Watch?

Keeping track of time and location is essential when fishing. However, you probably won’t wear your $1000 non-water resistant watch when going out to fish. In this guide, I will give you a few features to consider when buying the best fishing watch and review some of the best fishing watches on the market.


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How do you choose the Best Watch?​​​​

tidal information watch

Although watches that just provide tidal information are good enough for many people, it is important to consider using one with a few extra features when going out to fish. Choose a watch with a digital compass to help you go about and tell you which direction the weather is coming from.

In addition, a watch that provides moon phase information can also be ideal because many fish species respond to both the sun and the moon and time their feeding on the rising and the setting of the two heavenly bodies. A watch that provides atmospheric data could also be useful because it provides early warning signs of a storm.

A good fishing watch does more than just tell time and date. A decent fishing timepiece provides additional data and information that can help an angler to have a successful fishing trip. Scientific data such as moon stages and the tide can help you determine the best fishing spots. 

What to Look For In a Good Fishing Watch

Since there are diverse products on the market, finding the right fishing watch for your needs can at times be challenging. Here are a few tips on how to find quality fishing watches. 

What To Look For In A Good Fishing Watch

When looking for a fishing watch, it helps to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Waterproof is obviously a Necessity

Waterproof sport watches underwater on hand

A good fishing watch should ideally be waterproof for obvious reasons; unless you are spectating, it is almost impossible to go fishing without getting, at least your hands, wet. You will want to prevent water from damaging your prized investment, which is why having a water resistant watch is essential when fishing. A waterproof fishing watch is likely to serve you for many years to come.

Essential Features

Fishing watches come with a wide range of features some of which are necessary while others can be ignored. Choose a fishing watch that comes with all the essential features you need including a barometer, temperature gauge, altimeter, weather forecast, and time. Other features may not be as important; provided you have a watch with the aforementioned features, you should be able to have the information you need for successful fishing.

There are several important considerations to take when investing in a fishing watch. Although some consumers agree that price is the most important consideration, it is important to know that cheap is not always the best and pricier fishing watches often have more features and last longer than cheaper counterparts. Therefore, if you intend to fish more often and want a watch that will last, spending more for a quality watch may be recommended.

It is also important to consider the battery life of the fishing watch you intend to buy. Do you prefer having a watch that uses AAA or AA batteries or a rechargeable one? In addition, determine if GPS technology is crucial for you. Figure out your needs as far as fishing watches are concerned, before making your final decision. You can rely on our review to help you get the best fishing timepiece for your unique needs. 

Levels of Water Resistance

metal wristwatch is falling and splashing into clear water

One of the best ways to find a water-resistant watch is by reading the water resistance level information on the watch’s packaging. Typically, water resistance information is often denoted by a water resistance depth followed by a specific number of meters.

Fishing watches are ISO-regulated and have varying water resistance levels. Lower numbers indicate watches with less water resistance while higher numbers denote timepieces with the best protection against water damage. 

Watch Testing

There are two main levels of testing for water resistant watches:

  • One of the tests involves exposing the watch to varying levels of air pressure to determine air leaks.
  • On the other hand, wet testing exposes the watch to water inside a small water-filled chamber before pumping it with air pressure. 

Ratings are often assigned based on how well watches perform on both tests.

If you want a nice timepiece for normal fishing activities, then consider buying one with water depth level of at least 10 meters. At this level, you can safely wear the watch while fishing, even on rainy or windy conditions. You do not even need to take off the watch when bathing or swimming. 

Care and Maintenance

Your fishing watch my be resistant to water damage, but chemicals contained in beauty products such as perfumes and hairsprays can damage the watch. In addition, chlorine in swimming pools may cause the watch to corrode. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your watch away from chemicals and rinse it in freshwater after fishing in saltwater.

To maintain high levels of water resistance of your watch, make sure that its crowns and buttons are securely closed before exposing it to water. 

How to Choose the Right GPS Watch for Fishing

GPS Watch for fishing

GPS is an absolutely essential feature of a good fishing watch. A GPS watch can enhance your fishing experience, if you pick the one that is best suited for you. Many GPS watches track time and distance, and are equipped with many features. However, finding the right brand and model can be quite challenging because of the many options available. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when looking for a GPS fishing watch. 

How Often Will You Use It?

Affordable GPS fishing watches go for around $100, which is pretty much the same as a pair of running shoes. To find the right timepiece, figure out how often you will be fishing and how far away from the coast you will be cruising. This will help you determine if buying a GPS watch is worth it.

Beginners may not benefit much from a GPS watch is they fish at short and infrequent intervals. Although a smartphone GPS app may do just fine when fishing because most of them have the same functions as basic GPS watches, but they are less accurate and have fewer features than GPS watches. 

What Will You Use it For?

Although GPS watches are often used for fishing, they can also be used for swimming, hiking, skiing, and kayaking. Just about any outdoor activity can be tracked with a GPS watch. It is important to consider the fishing activities where you will use your GPS watch and ensure the watch has compatible features. 

For instance, some watches cannot be worn in the water. If you plan to swim during your fishing excursions, make sure your watch is waterproof for at least 30 meters. Some GPS watches are designed for triathlons and come with features that make it easy for wearers to easily transition from one sport to another.

Although such watches may also be suitable for fishing, it is important to determine if such a watch would be useful for your fishing activities. 

Top 5 Fishing Watches On The Market

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best fishing watch

Many people who have used this watch consider it the most well rounded fishing watch. It is quite easy to lose track of time during your fishing escapades, which is why you need a good watch that can withstand harsh environments and provide you with the information you need. That is exactly what this watch does and more.

This watch comes with some of the most outstanding features you will ever see in a watch. This watch allows you to easily switch from 12 to 24-hour format. In addition, the watch’s battery life is three years. If you need a good fishing watch that delivers everything in one package, then this is the watch for you.

The Casio Twin Sensor Digital Watch is very comfortable to wear. It features plastic adjustable bands that eliminate the possibility of pinching or pulling the hairs on your arms. Its secure, adjustable locking band means that this watch securely locks in place ensuring that it stays on even battling the most aggressive bass.

The watch has incredible performance ratings. With its 200-meter water resistant property, this watch cannot be damaged by rain or water. In addition, you will use the watch for up to three years without having to change the battery. The watch also comes with a preprogrammed calendar that eliminates the need for adjusting it for daylight savings time.

As an angler, you may often find yourself in situations where you may lose track of location and time. However, this watch will help you tell time and navigate your way back to a safe location thanks to the built-in compass.

What I Liked

  • Features a thermometer.
  • Comes with built-in compass with magnetic declination correction.
  • Has an illuminated backlight, which means that you can conveniently use it at night.
  • Extended battery life of three years.
  • Pre-programmed calendar lasting up to 2099.
  • 200 meters water resistant feature.
  • Comfortable to wear.

What I Didn’t Like

  • It may be challenging to calibrate the compass.
  • You may have to take the watch off your hands to get accurate temperature readings.
best fishing watch

This watch is not only well rounded, but it is also stylish. Some of the things to consider when looking for a fishing watch is water and moisture exposure. Your watch might be rendered useless if it does not possess these protection qualities. The Casio G-Shock is specifically designed for use in high water and moisture conditions. This means that you can expose the watch to moisture and water without damaging it. In fact, the watch would still remain functional even when submerged to a depth of 200 meters.

This watch offers four daily and one snooze alarm, which offers you opportunities to present specific times to replicate your routine. One of the alarms can be for waking you up while the others can remind you to take your meals or medication. The watch also features a snooze alarm, which means that you can sleep for a few extra minutes without worrying about oversleeping.

Casio G-Shock has a user-friendly interface designed to offer easy settings, adjustments, and time monitoring. The user-friendly feature makes the watch suitable for anglers who are not technologically inclined. In addition, the watch monitors time in 29 different time zones so that you can monitor time in your specific location or other time zones.

This watch can work flawlessly. It can be used in low light conditions thanks to its sizable display screen, LED backlight, and dials. In addition, you can easily manipulate the user interface. It really does what it says on the tin.

What I Liked

  • Water-resistant.
  • Durable construction.
  • Shock resistant protection.
  • Four daily alarms and a snooze alarm.
  • Sizable display for better visibility.
  • LED backlight for night operations.
  • Can be immersed for depths of up to 200 meters.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Band may be damaged by chlorine and saltwater.
best fishing watch

This watch is stylish and comes with a user-friendly interface. It is an ideal fishing watch is you are looking for a high-quality watch that will stand the test of time. It comes with outstanding features that ensure durability and allow you to stay on schedule. In addition, the watch has a user-friendly interface, which means that you do not have to be technologically inclined to figure out how to change settings or make adjustments. The Casio multi-function sports watch has a rugged design to ensure longevity even in extreme conditions. It will continue working as usual even if you accidentally bump the watch up against your boat.

Its black, round resin case is sealed and durable to ensure a waterproof design; in fact, you can immerse it in water up to 100 meters and it would still function as usual. It comes with a built-in barometer that is very accurate. If a low-pressure system moves into your fishing spot, the watch will alert you in five gradations allowing you enough time to prepare for the approaching weather.

Although many people can fish in any type of weather regardless of how cold or hot it is, some find it difficult to monitor temperature ranges due to lack of access to a thermometer. With the Casio multifunction watch, you always have access to a thermometer at your fingertips. An inbuilt sensor allows the watch to measure environmental temperature differences. The best part is that you do not have to remove the watch to check real temperature because your body heat does not affect the temperature sensors of the watch.

This watch is packed with premium components and features that provide anglers with various measurements. In addition, it has a durable watchband that will not stretch with time. This watch can be exposed to air, moisture, and water without worrying about internal or external damage. 

What I Liked

  • Easy to use thanks to a user-friendly interface.
  • Accurate barometer.
  • Accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Durable, rugged construction.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Can measure altitude.
  • Comes with five alarms.
  • Monitors world time.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Does not alert the user when pressure drops.
  • You may have to adjust the altimeter frequently.
best fishing watch

This watch is relatively affordable, well rounded, and quite sleek. In fact, there is little that you will not be able to achieve with this watch. It is packed with a whole host of features that will ensure your day out fishing is as productive as possible.

If you are looking for a watch that meets all your fishing needs, look no further than the Casio Multi Task Watch. It monitors 30 time zones and has a 100-hour countdown clock and a thermometer. It also delivers moo data and 200m of water resistance. Its backlight helps to ensure that you can operate at night.

This watch comes with a band that many people like. The band is big and can wrap around most wrists. Although my friend did not like the buckle, I think it is a great feature because it helps to keep the watch on your wrist at all times. In addition, the black band matches well with my wardrobe.

Although this watch may not be flawless, it packs some pretty impressive features. However, it may not be the easiest watch to program. This could very well be the right watch for you thanks to its affordable price tag.

What I Liked

  • Waterproof for up to 200M.
  • Bright backlight.
  • Provides 100 hours of countdown.
  • Accurate thermometer.
  • Provides reliable moon information.
  • Monitors 30 time zones.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Some people find the band buckle annoying.
  • Programming the watch may not be easy.
best fishing watch

This watch is quite popular with many anglers because it is on the lower end of the price spectrum. It is an ideal fishing watch for anglers on a limited budget. Nevertheless, the watch makes a big bang for a little buck. It is a well-rounded watch that will stand the test of time. The watch features a protective mineral crystal cover, which helps to prevent scratches. In addition, the watch features a stainless steel case to ensure longevity.

Despite the low cost, it packs plenty of useful features. It can provide you with accurate data including time, date, weather, and even the moon cycles. It also has a unique compass so that you do not have to worry about getting lost out in the lake. However, the watch has one significant drawback; it has weak illumination. It may be challenging to use it in the dark. 

What I Liked

  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a host of excellent features.
  • Exceptional fishing timer.
  • Durable construction.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Small band.
  • Illumination does not work very well.

So What Is My Choice?

top pick

Casio G-Shock Large Display Stealth Black Watch

best fishing watch









Casio G-Shock Large Display Stealth Black Watch

best fishing watch









Why I Recommend It

  • Rugged: has a well crafted canvas band and tasteful leather finish.
  • Durable stainless steel casing.
  • Provides important data like the moon’s latitude and longitudes and times for sunsets and sunrise.

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