Distinct Difference Between Casting And Spinning Rods

There are many factors to consider when choosing a fishing reel including price and performance. In addition, you must consider the equipment that the fishing reel will be attached to, which is the fishing rod. It is important to know the difference between spinning and casting rods so that you can have a proper match up of your reel and rod. There are distinct difference between casting and spinning rods. Being familiar with their advantages and drawbacks can help you determine the type of fishing rod that works best for you.


difference between casting and spinning rods

Know the difference between spinning and casting rods

Casting vs. Spinning Rod

Knowing the difference between the two can make a significant difference. You definitely do not want to be in a situation where you have set up your rod and reel before fishing only to find out that they do not match. It is almost impossible to fish with a spinning reel that is upside down with a handle that reels backwards. Knowing the difference between spinning and casting rods can eliminate the confusion. The two types of rods require different fishing styles that can make you a better angler.

difference between casting and spinning rods

For the anglers that did not know this before, there is a distinct difference between a fishing rod designed for a spinning reel and one designed for a bait-casting reel. The type of ​rod or rod and reel combination you decide to use can be determined by your preferences and fishing style. However, I will tell you that many beginners find it easier to learn how to use spinning rods than casting rods. Nevertheless, casting rods have various advantages that spinning rods do not have.

difference between casting and spinning rods

What Are The Features Of A Spinning Rod?

Let me start with the basic question, "what is a spinning rod?" This is a type of rod that often bends when a hooked fish pulls on the line (spinning rod on wiki). In addition, the eyelets often point downwards when the rod is pulled by the force of a hooked fish because the line feeds out and pulls down on the outer rings of each eyelet on the spinning rod.

The spinning reel is often located underneath the rod, which is often held on the angler’s weak hand side. This means that if you are a left-handed angler, your left hand will be on the spinning rod while your right hand operates the reel.

difference between casting and spinning rods

Spinning rods come in a wide range of sizes and types including light, medium, and heavy spinning rods

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Spinning Rod

Begginers often find it easier to use spinning rods because of their spinning reels. Baitcasting reels often come with magnetic or centrifugal controls that are relatively complicated and often take a while to learn how to use.

To use a spinning reel, hold the line against the spinning rod with your index finger. Flip the bail to free the line and make it ready to cast. The angler then let’s go of the line, lure, or bait once the rod is properly propelled. You have two options once you finish casting: reel the line to flip the bail or flip the bail back with your hands. With a spinning reel, you do not have to worry about the line coming off the spool, which is not the case with casting rods and reel.

difference between casting and spinning rods

Despite its ease of use, many of my fellow anglers do not using spinning rods and reels because of the advantages of casting rods and reels. Although it takes time to master, casting rods and reels have smoother casts and provide better distances. With a casting spool, your line will come off straight and naturally eliminating the problem of reel spools twisting the line, a common problem with spinning reels.

spinning and reel on the evening summer lake

The Opposite Bend Of A Casting Rod

The mode of operation of casting rods is exactly the opposite of the one for spinning rods. Casting rods often bend with their eyelets facing upwards when fish pull on the line fed by the rod. I often found this a bit awkward, especially when I was beginning to use one but later found out that casting rods use the eyelets in a more effective fashion.

difference between casting and spinning rods

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Casting Rods

The advantages and disadvantages of casting rods relate to the ones of spinning rods. I'll tell you now that casting rods are quite difficult to master. The line of my casting rod kept on twisting inside the casting reel until I mastered the technique. It was quite frustrating and expensive for me to use my casting rod in the beginning because I had to change my line quite often.

Once you gain the touch of a casting rod and reel, you gain many benefits over the spinning rod and reel. One of the most distinct differences between casting and spinning rods is that the line of a casting rod usually pushes down on its eyelets forcing them into the rod. On the other hand, the line of a spinning reel often pulls away from the spinning reel. The eyelets of casting setups often do not break from force because of the supporting rods.

fly fishing angler makes cast while standing in water

The line of a casting setup often rolls off the spool. On the other hand, the line of spinning reels simply comes up and off the lip of the spool creating friction, which slows down every cast prematurely.

difference between casting and spinning rods

Casting reels provide smoother casts and exceptional distance with practice

In general, casting reel requires more time and skill to use than spinning reels. Casting technique requires proper timing and a bit of practice. Done the right way, the weight and lure at the end of your line will accurately land the bait at your target.

Spinning rods and reels are relatively easier to use and often used by beginners before they graduate to casting rods and reels. Casting rods and reels are usually longer and typically loaded with a heavier gauge line making them ideal for casting long distances. They are often used for fishing heavier fish like walleye and bass.

Portrait of huge walleye in angler hand

Fishing rods are basically designed to hold the line in a straight path until you are ready to toss the line if a specific direction. The two most common types of reels used by anglers are casting and spinning reels. Although both are essentially used for the same purpose, each has its own unique setup, advantages, and disadvantages.

difference between casting and spinning rods

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