What do Mullet Eat? Now You Will Know

Now, we are going to talk about the most caught yet one of the most expensive kinds of fish in the world which is known as mullet. In this article, we will figure out what do mullet eat - the types of food and where this food could be located. So come on, let us now dive to the little deepest secrets of what mullet eats.


What Is A mullet?

Mullet is a sea creature that is mostly caught for human consumption. There are kinds of a mullet but they are all the same. They could be gray or red. The red one is also called red surmullet or red mullet. The alternative titles of a gray mullet and red surmullet respectively are Mugilidae and Mullidae. Both of them don’t belong to the same family but to same class which is Actinopterygii.

The scientific name of gray mullet is Mugil cephalus. Their population grows fast. Mullet is part of the Mugilidae family. They are found in tropical and temperate regions. You could also see them jumping and hopping in the water surface especially when you built a fish cage for them.

Mullet is a striped and silvery sea creature. They are 1-3 feet long. They have two unique dorsal fins. Its colors are black and white. It is stripe patterned same goes for the red surmullet.

 red surmullet what do mullet eat

To break the record, goatfish is not related to red surmullet also. Goatfish and red surmullet and other kinds of mullet are considered fit for humans to eat.

goatfish what do mullet eat

Mullets are always in the frontline when it comes to fishing since they just stay in the shallow part of the brackish water. Unlike other fishes which are fond of living in the deeper area of the sea, they couldn’t grasp the chatterbait immediately.

Tip: the suggested baits to use when catching a mullet are algae, bread, and flies.

As creatures found in the shallow areas of salt water often eat algae, plankton, and sea plants. Unfortunately, they also inhale air pollution. Some people throw trash into the sea just like napkins, slippers, cellophane, and wastewater and alike.

These may have negative effects on people but it’s also a way of living for a mullet. In other words, mullet eat anything. They have long intestines to contain all the food they take, especially the plants. This is also the reason why mullets have the same gizzard with the birds.

What Do Mullet Eat?

Mullet eats microscopic plants such as algae, blue-green algae, filamentous green algae, diatoms, green sea lettuce and detritus.

1. Algae


This small plant that grows in brackish water plays an important role in everyone’s lives not only to the mullets. They can be microalgae or microalgae. Microalgae grow through the process called photosynthesis while other algae perform heterotrophic growth or mixotrophic growth.

2. Blue-green algae

Blue-green algae

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It is also known as Cyanobacteria. It is mostly found in fresh water. Bacteria are larger than Cyanobacteria but how it photosynthesizes is the same with algae.

3. Filamentous green algae

Filamentous green algae

This is the plant we see attached to rocks. They don’t have stem, leaves, roots and flowers. Sometimes, they are also seen as free-floating and even form dense mats which are the reason why they are often called “pond mass” or “pond scum”. Aside from what I mentioned, these could also be found in ropes in the floating water.

4. Diatoms


This kind of algae is found in almost every bodies of water (ocean, sea, lake). This is the most common type of phytoplankton, an autotrophic component.

5. Green sea lettuce

Green sea lettuce

It is green seaweed. The colors can vary from blue-green to dark green or even lighter.

6. Detritus


These are waste and remains of dead organisms.

7. Plankton


These are aquatic organisms which float in the sea. Most of the mullets reside in the shallow part of the bodies of water, so they can easily eat them.

It is inevitable not to be considering the place where they reside because their environment may not be healthy for the people who are going to catch them. People, who may be or not fishing enthusiasts, must be concerned about the environment not only for this generation but also future. All in all, these foods reside in different bodies of water.

Mullet As A Food

I believe when a fisher folk knows how to fish, she surely knows how to cook a delicious and scrumptious mullet. If you want to learn some recipes, please click the button below.

You just don’t have fun fishing but also scarfing down to the last bite.

Another is, mullet is said to be one of the most expensive kinds of fish in ancient Romans but in other countries such as the Philippines, they consider it to be one as well. It is called “ludong” in Filipino.

I hope you have gained and found this article informative and entertaining at the same time. If you think that this has been a worth-reading and helpful, please share to spread the information about what mullet is and what does it eats.

In life, we must always remember the quote:

Maimonides Medieval Philosophy

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

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