Best Kayak Fish Finder: What Makes Them The Best?

All of us are aware of how vast oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers could be. While some of us might think that fishing is all just a matter of throwing fishing lines with bait in the sea, the reality is that there’s more to that. To help know where the fish really are amidst these vast bodies of water when fishing on kayak, choosing the best kayak fish finder are needed.


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How To Fish Finders Work?

Sonar fish finder

Before we find out the things you are to look out for when you wish to purchase your fish finder, it’s important to know how these work. In a nutshell, these fish finders work by emitting Sonar (Sound Navigation and Ranging) signals into the water. These would help give the ones using the fish finder information regarding the things that could be found at the bottom of the ocean, given that various objects, once given signals, “return” then to the device at a certain intensity.

Fishfinder screen

These are then displayed onto a screen, which would need some tutorial sessions in order to properly read, as the signal returned is usually characterized by colors. Those with colors unusual from the rest of the ocean floor or area are the places in which fish may be found, and therefore, the place where you ought to place your bait.

Best Kayak Fish Finder: What to Look Out For

There are several things you have to keep in mind whenever you go fishing. One of the realities is that fish simply don’t come and get attracted to your bait the moment you toss them in the water. While fish may tend to wander freely, some places simply have more fish than other places, where fish usually come in schools. There are “sweet spots” where they are abundant, and fish finders help you find where these spots are. If you wish to invest in a fish finder, then here are some of the things that you have to look out for, in terms of its features:

Great Power

Different Kayak Fish Finders have different intensities and strengths in terms of power. The more powerful the fish finder, the deeper waters it could explore. As with all other electronic components, the power of Kayak Fish Finders is measured in Watts. With an increase in power ratings also comes the increase in the depth that you could possibly explore.

Apart from power, one also has to keep in mind that frequency is of utmost importance as well. Their relationship goes hand-in-hand, and lower frequencies for each higher rating would allow you to send and have SoNar Signals returned from deeper parts of the ocean.

battery power

High Screen Resolution


Resolution pertains to the clarity of the overall picture that’s given by the fish finder. Different kinds of fish finders carry out different resolutions. These resolutions are measured in pixels, which is the number of dots that would form the images on the screen per row and per column.

For fish finders, it’s good enough to secure one with a rating of 240 x 160 pixels, but if you would want crisper, clearer images, then the ratings could go as high up as 640 x 640. It is also expected that higher resolution ratings would come at a higher price. Make it a point to optimize the pixel rating with the allocated budget.

Colored Display

Having a colored display is a standard when it comes to electronic equipment with displays. While there may be black and white ones, the reality is that it’s a thing of the past. Also, one would find difficulty in effectively finding fish and other elements you may find underwater.

The reason for this is because the colors would help to effectively differentiate one source of reflection from another. Grayscale displays would be difficult, given that it’s only able to display around 260 shades of gray, which could be difficult to differentiate under direct sunlight.

color screen fishfinder

Effective Transducer

The cone angle is one of the most crucial features to consider in finding a transducer. This is defined as the scope or the extensiveness which the signals are dispersed into the open waters. The emissions for the transducers are characterized by beams, which could vary in number. Besides, you can find some kayaks have a part to hang transducer on.

While the most basic transducers emit a single beam, more advanced varieties are capable of emitting 2, 3, or sometimes even 4 beams. The same holds true for the cone angle, where each fish finders come in different degrees, with the most common being 20 degrees. The measurement of the cone angles, however, may measure as narrow as 9 degrees with some being as wide as greater than 60 degrees.

Top 5 Best Kayak Fish Finder On Market

best kayak fish finder


If you wish to save time on signal processing, then this fish finder works best because it’s equipped with Advanced Signal Processing Features. This is apart from allowing you to accurately detect and see things beneath the surface, thanks to its high-resolution screen, and more.


  • The screen, measuring 3 inches is equipped with an LED backlight, with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels that allows you to see details of what’s underneath your boat as accurately and clearly as possible, with elements being made more distinct.
  • Easy Identification of different underwater elements from several feet below, including contour and structural features of the ocean floor, thermoclines, as well as places where fish may abound, as it displays actual fish icons rather than fish arches. Fish could also be easily detected and captured, thanks to the alarm and tracking abilities of this particular device.
  • No need to modify the settings manually to see details more clearly, thanks to the ASP, or Advanced Signal Processing Features.
  • More than one range available for operating, specifically at 83 kHz and 200 kHz which allows for surveying at different depths with magnification of up to 4 times the original size for finer details.
  • Wide cone angle of 60 degrees, thus covers a broader scope than other Sonar devices would.
  • Holding bracket is the swivel-and-tilt type, which makes transfer and moving to more viewable angles one which is easier.


  • Mounting System is of Subpar quality, with users reporting that the base would break rather easily after only a few installation times.
  • Tracking and Detecting of fish is reliable only at around 50 feet, with measurements obtained beyond that being difficult, inaccurate, or spotty.
best kayak fish finder


One of the standout features of this type of fish finder is the fact that it’s equipped with a screen much wider than that of other competing brands. With its 3.5 inch screen, you can have a better, clearer view of what’s underneath, as the added few inches enables more things to be seen on screen.


  • Screen is one which is wider than that of others, at 3.5 inches for a much better view of what’s going on below the waters.
  • Allows you to mark places of interests, as well as set demarcations for ramps and docks.
  • Operation is smooth, and in keypad form. Having specialized buttons will facilitate the operations of this product.
  • Has a specialized transducer, CHIRP (77/200 kHz), allowing it to be more extensive in terms of its readable depth.
  • Has a strong power rating of 200 W, with a CHIRP transducer that is upgradable if you would want to use if for deeper bodies of water.
  • A sonar memory feature is what makes it unique, as you could retrieve places surveyed by the transducer from the history, allowing you to mark places of interests, or fishing hotspots you have possibly missed.
  • Sharing of routes and waypoints is made possible, thanks to the combination of the echoMAP and STRIKER 4.
  • Data for speed could also be displayed, thanks to the flasher that comes with the device.
  • Easy navigation through GPS of high-sensitivity is made possible, with several interactive features such as marking, navigating, and viewing of various underwater terrains and nearby structures. Never get lost with this tracker!


  • In some cases, malfunctioning has been reported after around 3 or 4 uses, with the device turning on and off all of a sudden.
best kayak fish finder


Some people would simply want to take the data they obtained from their fish beyond their fish finder. With Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+’s Wi-Fi Connectivity support, as well as App Synchronization, you could pretty much transfer the data you want from your fish finder to the mobile device of your choice.


  • Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to transfer data to your mobile device, such as tablet or smartphone to facilitate viewing of data that was obtained, allowing you to better strategize your next move. The Deeper App was created in order to properly.
  • Versatile Operations, as the device works well on both sea water and fresh water bodies.
  • Extra strong and feature-rich GPS mode, that’s not only extremely accurate, but one which allows you to come up with bathymetric maps, thus allowing for more efficient obtaining of data of the surface that could be perfect for finding fish you wish to catch.
  • Battery is one which is effective and long-lasting, as it could last for as much as 5 and a half hours for just a single charging session, guaranteeing you long hours of fishing.
  • SoNar used on this device is dual frequency, allowing you to explore depths of up to 80 m, plus a dynamic range of up to 8x more than other models for fish trackers. This functionality is amazing, considering that it is also one of the most lightweight fish trackers around.


  • Certain users of the WiFi feature of this device have problems with inconsistent connectivity, as well as with the syncing of the tracker to the phone. It could only be connected once successfully once it is charging, and immediately goes offline the moment it gets unplugged, according to some users.
best kayak fish finder


Dual-frequency fish finders enable you to explore various depths, and thus allows you to use it on various bodies of water, regardless of depth. If you do not want to end up buying a different fish finder for different bodies, then this is the perfect choice for you.


  • Viewing angles are more extensive in nature than other fish trackers, with visibility greatly improved thanks to the resolution of the screen being 320 x 240 pixels, as well as being equipped with a color screen, and thus is greatly visible in direct sunlight as well, leaving no issues with readability and detection of surface hardness, thermoclines, targets of fish, among others.
  • Dual frequency of 83 and 200 kHz would allow for more versatile exploration of various depths and bodies of water. These frequencies also come with 60 degrees and 20 degrees of conical angles, respectively for a much better mapping of the surface beneath.
  • More detailed icons for underwater elements.
  • The 200 kHz frequency mode allows for the drop-shot technique, allowing better monitoring of the lure and the fish they wish to target.
  • Great price, as it is relatively more affordable for the same set of functionalities compared with other fish trackers.
  • Perfect for those who are on the lookout for smaller units


  • There are instances where the reported measurement may be one which is inaccurate by up to several feet, despite adjusting the transducer and the frequencies.
  • Readings of what’s in the water may be inaccurate as well, with fish icons showing up in places where there actually were none.


In order for you to use the fish finder effectively, you need to make use of several parts and accessories. While some brands would require you to buy these parts elsewhere, chances are, the Garmin Echo 551dv has everything you need in a single purchase.


  • Every purchase is complete as it comes with a 4-pin HD-ID, transducer with mount for transom and trolling motor, a mount that allows for tilting, swiveling, and quick release, as well as power cables and instructional material for use.
  • Cables that are part of the purchase allow for multiple device compatibility for better data documentation.
  • Display is colored, with a large VGA resolution of 480 x 640, making it one of the clearest, largest screens around for fish trackers.
  • Extra powerful, with an extensive range and depth that it could cover, with a maximum readable depth of 2,300 feet. This is made possible with the dual frequency feature of 77 kHz and 200 kHz, as well as a power rating of 400 Watts allowing you to get accurate signals from deeper parts of the body of water.
  • Clear, Crisp, Accurate details of what’s happening below, allowing you to effectively track and see fishes and the ocean terrain.


  • The cables that are part of the purchase come across as to short for some users, specifically the VGA cable for display.
  • While extension cables are available, the 10’ one is atrociously priced and would be deemed impractical to actually purchase.


Fish Trackers are indeed, a great accessory that has helped people who are into fishing for whatever purpose to become more efficient fishers, as these devices help them know where they ought to drop their baits with a guarantee of catching more fish. While the devices that have been reviewed above all have their fair share of negative and positive reviews, the ultimate winner, by a slim margin, which is best fit for use in fishing is the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+, 2.55", Black.

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