7 Easy Steps on How to Line a Baitcaster

A number of people who are starting to venture the world of fishing may have a bunch of questions in their minds. Another necessity every fisherfolk must learn and ask themselves: How to line a baitcaster? May be the question we are supposed to solve right now if you continue to read and scroll this article. 


What To Know About Baitcaster

It may seem not easy for a newbie but once you put your heart to it and give your 100% dedication, it's going to be again challenging yet well worth. Some people would say that using baitcaster reduces stress, time allocation, and smoothens the work most importantly.

how to line a baitcaster

Besides all these, positive feedbacks about the tool, there are also drawbacks. The downside of this is that if the line is not properly placed, the line might get messed up. (Don't worry. This is the reason why you checked on this article right?) We will study each and every one of them because as a consumer like you, we will explore the things we still need to improve our equipment.

Before we name the steps, let us look into the definition of a baitcaster which is also known as "bait casting reel". When you cast it, the spool will rotate as well. This tool is used when you want precision on your work.

Starter Pack To Line A Baitcaster

To be able to perform this, we have to need the following:

Spooling Station Tool

You have an option not to use the spooling station tool. You could do it manually with a pen for poking or arranging the line when it starts to mess. It is just that the former gives you a lesser time to line a baitcaster for it is easier to use. The screwdriver and pencil are either used when the line is messed while you reel the line. Just like what I said a while ago, you can do it with a spooling station tool or by yourself.

What To Check First

Before anything else, we are assuming that you are setting up a new line. If there are still old lines, please take them all to avoid complication and tangles while doing the process or fishing.

complication and tangles

Complication and tangles

If you have gathered all the materials, you are now ready to follow these seven easy peasy steps on how to line a baitcaster.

Steps On How To Line a Baitcaster

STEP 1: Get The Spooling Station Stool

This tool would enable you to perform lesser since it is already built in. You only need to insert the reel into the fishing line winder. It is the one which holds the reel just like in the photo below.

STEP 2: Start To Insert The Line On The Baitcaster

Take a new line and insert it to the baitcaster spool through doing a uni-knot. We have to tie the line as sturdy as it could so that in the long run you wouldn't have any trouble and the line wouldn't get messed up.

STEP 3: Tie The Line

You could tie the line through Uni-knot. The video below will teach us how to do it.

You can read more at "How To Tie A Chatterbait For Newbie"

The Only Fishing Knot You Need. Retrieved from

STEP 4: Reel The Line

Get your pencil (if you don't have the reel spooling station, pencil will definitely save the day!) and put it in the hole of the reel. With the both ends of the pencil, hold it with your toes.

After positioning your toes, you are now ready to reel the line. If this doesn't work, you can tap a friend to help you. Kindly tell your friend to put tension on holding the reel so that the line will be properly rolled.

STEP 5: Way To Roll The Crank

Roll the crank handle of the baitcaster carefully until there's only ⅛ inch space from above.

You must slowly turn clockwise the handle with pressure and slowly. Do not roll abruptly. You can make the rolling fast in the middle of the rolling or once you feel it is needed. It is not necessary to reach before ⅛ inch from above. It is actually up to you when do you want to stop. If it's done, cut it from the line spool.

STEP 6: How To Attach A Reel To Your Ice Rod

Attach it to the fishing poleNow, this is another tutorial. You will need electrical tapes to attach the baitcaster to the rod.

Here is a video on how to do it. How to Attach a Reel to your Ice Rod. 

STEP 7: Go Out And Catch Some Fish!

Now that you are done, I believe you are more ready to catch some fish.

Lining a baitcaster may sound not easy but once everything is done, you will have this sense of achievement. As a newbie, it may be difficult but once hold it continuously practice to line a baitcaster, you will surely become a master.

In life, we must always remember "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

I hope you found this article informative and entertaining at the same time. If you think that this article has been a worth-read and helpful, please share to spread the information.

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