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Five Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Year

If you are tired of staring at a series of screens, working just feet away from where you sleep or are just looking to get a little extra vitamin D this year, you should strongly consider picking up an outdoor hobby.

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Quite frankly, there are few things more rejuvenating and relaxing than getting to spend some time outside. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what your interests are — there is guaranteed to be something that you can do outside that will bring your life more joy and fulfillment.

No matter if you are contemplating trap vs. skeet shooting as a hobby, gardening, geocaching or something else entirely, outdoor hobbies have tons of benefits. However, if you aren’t sure what to do, check out this list of five fun-under-the-sun activities you might enjoy.

1. Hiking

Hiking is undoubtedly one of the most accessible and least cost-prohibitive outdoor activities available. In essence, hiking is little more than a medium-to-long distance walk out in nature, typically along a predetermined route in a natural park or nature reserve.

That said, there is some beginner hiking gear that you might want to pick up. However, it is likely not necessary as you can probably make do with items you already own.

2. Camping

Camping is an extremely popular way to get outdoors for a little getaway, particularly during the warmer months. Plus, this is one that many friends and family members are likely to want to get in on as well.

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However, when compared to something like hiking, there is more gear to purchase, assuming you aren’t planning on just sleeping on the ground.

If you want to get out and camp this year, then it is wise to pick yourself up a tent (a small popup one if you are going it alone or a family-size one to pack in the wife and kids) as well as some other essentials like:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Camping chairs
  • Fire starters
  • Cookware

This is far from a complete list. If camping is something that you are interested in doing, then it is wise to check out a list of essential camping gear to get a good idea of what you want to bring.

3. Hunting

While many dedicated hunters would scoff at the idea of hunting being a hobby, it certainly aligns with many of the aims of an outdoor pastime. Moreover, hunting is one of the “hobbies” on this list that can provide a deep sense of fulfillment as it can be challenging, rewarding, taxing, rejuvenating, emotional and so many other things.

Plus, at the end of a hunt (assuming all goes well), you will have some organic, cruelty-free meat to enjoy.

If you are interested in going on your first hunt this year, you will want to buy a shotgun hard case, the right clothing for the environment and season, some navigation tools, game calls, scent attractant and other gear that is critical for a hunt.

4. Airsoft

Maybe hunting isn’t your speed but you are more into the “tactical” side of firearms. If this is the case, then airsoft is likely to be right up your alley.

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Over the years, airsoft has built a strong following among players of all ages. The game plays quite similarly to paintball but uses BBs instead of paint-filled pellets. However, if you are going to get into this hobby, be sure to pick up a quality gun case as many airsoft guns cost as much as the real thing. That said, not all of them are as costly as actual firearms.

Airsoft is great for those who enjoy teamwork, planning and generally running around having a good time.

5. Fishing

Looking for something a bit more relaxing than the options listed above? If so, fishing might be the ideal outdoor hobby for you. In addition to being a bit more mellow than hiking or hunting, fishing allows you to soak up some vitamin D while still getting in a little bit of a workout.

When fishing, you’ll be using your upper body to balance on the boat while standing or reel in your catch, so it’s not a completely passive activity. However, it is still a great way to get some sun, relax and maybe even pick up some dinner.

Getting Outside in 2022

Spending more time outside is a great way to break up the monotony of everyday life, improve your mood, get a bit of exercise and to reconnect with nature. Plainly put, all of the outdoor hobbies listed above are likely to positively contribute to your overall health and well-being.

Go ahead and pick out one or more of the outdoor hobbies listed above to check out in 2022. You are likely to discover a new pastime that stays with you for years to come.

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