Best Spincast Reel – What To Look For?

Some of the most distinct features of spincast reels are that they are cylindrical in shape and are connected to a fishing rod. The best spincast reel should have features that facilitate stowing and winding of lines and are equipped with fittings that ensure accurate casting. In addition, a good spincast reel should have a receiving line. Today, many people use spincast reel for angling and sports casting.

Spincast reels are usually connected to a rod. However, some are specially designed to be hooked up to a transom. For angling enthusiasts, investing in a quality spincast reel is an absolute essential. Spincast reels can be used by both amateur and experienced anglers.


*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Best Spincast Reel

Advantages Of Spincast Reels

  • A spincast reel is easy to use and more accurate. In addition, they come with a significant amount of line offering maximum capacity while holding the line.
  • Spincast reels can easily be set up on any flat surface or boat with ease.
  • ​The handle of a spincast reel is easy to hold and not very heavy. Many spincast reels feature rubber on their handles for extra grip making them easy and comfortable to hold and handle.
  • ​Spincast reels offer significant distance throw allowing you to cover a bigger area with each cast.
  • ​Spincast reels are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes to cater to the varied tastes of anglers. Each model has its own distinct size, weight, and shape.
  • Spincast reels are affordable in the long run, especially if properly maintained and taken care of. There are various affordable options available on the market.
Saltwater Vs Freshwater Spinning Reels

Saltwater vs. Freshwater Spinning Reels

The most distinct difference between freshwater reels and saltwater reels is that the latter are usually more expensive than the former because of the durability of saltwater reels. Saltwater has more adverse effects on reels than freshwater. Therefore, saltwater reels have to be designed with durability in mind and have non-corroding materials such as stainless steel.

It is advisable not to use freshwater reels on saltwater because they can easily corrode and become damaged when used in salty conditions. Although you may occasionally use some freshwater reels on saltwater, it is advisable to rinse them thoroughly after use. Even then, they may not last for long.

Most saltwater spincast reels are designed to haul in bigger fish than freshwater reels. Therefore, saltwater reels often have larger capacities than freshwater reels do. This is one of the main reasons why saltwater reels are more expensive than freshwater reels.

Bottom line, use a freshwater spincast if you plan to go for freshwater fishing and a saltwater spinning cast if you intend to go for saltwater fishing. Use reels that are specifically designed for the fishing conditions you experience. Alternatively, consider using a spincast that is designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Spincast Reel

1. Bearings

Spincast reels with more bearings provide easier retrieval than those with few bearings. In addition, consider buying spincast reels with quality bearings to reduce vibration and noise. The keyword here is quality. A pin cast reel with three or four quality bearings is better than one with ten poor quality bearings.

Bearings Spincast Reel

Three or four quality bearings is better

It is important to use spincast with high quality bearings especially if you are fishing in saltwater. This will help prevent corrosion. Bearings have various types of alloys with aluminum and stainless steel being some of the most effective bearing materials for preventing corrosion.

Spincast reels with quality bearings are usually more costly than those with regular bearings because they are built to last. In addition, they often have special lubricants that result in smoother retrievals.

2. Construction

A good spincast reel is on that is lightweight to make it easier to cast and durable enough to handle the torque associated with reeling in a large catch. Consider using fishing reels with significant amounts of metal parts. You may also use spincast reels with durable and lightweight metals. Although an all-metal spincast may be the best option, a spincast with various materials including graphite, metal, and other polymers is also a suitable option.

Construction Of Spincast Reel

Spinning Rod & Casting Rod

Spincast reels with graphite and plastic will do fine when fishing for bass and other smaller fish. However, you may need a larger all-metal spincast reel if you are fishing for catfish and other larger fish species. In addition, consider using spincast reels with tight tolerances because they usually provide superior bearing seats, smooth cranks, and will not wobble much when reeling in your catch.

Although low quality reels may not snap when reeling in aggressive fish, they usually do not last. They often experience problems with misalignment, wear and tear, and overheating, which makes it impossible to catch fish.

3. Materials

Meterial Spincast Reel

Choose spincast reels with a metallic construction

It is important to consider the materials of your spincast reel. Consider buying spincast reels made from quality materials to ensure durability. If possible, choose spincast reels with a metallic construction because this guarantees that the product will serve you for a significant period.

Spincast reels with solid construction are more useful for catching larger fish including catfish and tuna. Plastic reels can serve you fine if you intend to catch smaller fish.

4. Anti-reverse Handles

It is important to consider the materials of your spincast reel. Consider buying spincast reels made from quality materials to ensure durability.

If possible, choose spincast reels with a metallic construction because this guarantees that the product will serve you for a significant period.

This is an important consideration, especially if you do not intend to use a reel with backward motion. Anti-reverse handles prevent the wheels from spinning backwards.

You can see more on this video:​

5. Gear Ratio

This spincast feature determines a wide range of things including line retrieval, which is a very important factor when fishing.

There is no standard gear ratio because it is often determined by the species of fish you are dealing with and your fishing technique.

Some gear ratios provide quick retrieval while others have extra cranking power.

6. Line Capacity

Line Capacity

Check the line capacity of your spincast reel to see whether it is capable of handling. Avoid going beyond the recommended line capacity or size of your reel. Using a small diameter line reel on a big spool may lead to entanglements. On the same breath, a reel designed for light lines should not be used with large lines to avoid capacity problems.

My 5 Best Spincast Reel

Despite its advantages, finding quality spincast reels can be quite a challenge. You have to determine the one that best suits your needs. Here is my review of some of the best spincast reels on the market.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Penn Battle Ii Spinning Reel


This is one of the best user-friendly options available on the market. This spincast reel is powerful and can handle snook, catfish, and salmon among other fish species. It comes with heavy-duty parts including stainless steel front covers and reel foots made of metal.

In addition, the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel has high quality metal gears that enhance durability and performance. Its anchored thumb button makes it easy to operate while providing a solid grip. The spincast reel comes with a sizable, stainless steel handle that enhances grip and hold. Its three ball bearings help to provide smoother line movements.


  • Rugged with a sturdy construction
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with dial adjustable magnum drag to deal with the aggressive pull of a large catch
  • A solid T-handle provides a firm and strong hold
  • Solid metal construction to enhance durability


  • It is significantly different from standard reels making it difficult to get used to it
  • Heavier and bulkier than many spincast reels
Penn Pursuit Ii 8000Cp Spinning Reels


This spincast reel is designed for both one hand and two-hand casting. This means that you can use it in various fishing conditions depending on the fish you intend to catch. However, this spincast reel has been known to slip and grind, which can have a significant impact on the length of the cast.

Despite this flaw, Penn Pursuit II 8000CP Spinning Reels come with five ball bearings and are good choices for both amateur and experienced anglers. They are great options if you like to fish from your fishing kayak. Penn Pursuit II 8000CP Spinning Reels are user friendly and come with a metal construction making them quite durable. Its five bearings facilitate casting and retrieval. You can see at this video:

This spincast reel has a micro-fine drag that offers accurate and precise flexibility. In addition, it comes with a hook holder for “storing” the hook point. Penn Pursuit II 8000CP Spinning Reels are reliable, stronger, smoother, and provide enhanced improvements. An improved line management system makes the spincast more efficient, especially when casting.

In addition, the spincast reel provides better control and line retrieval. These reels are designed for both left and right hand retrieval. They are also lightweight thanks to their aluminum frames.


  • Although Penn Pursuit II 8000CP Spinning Reels have simple designs, they are usually strong and durable
  • The 4:1 gear ratio of Penn Pursuit II 8000CP Spinning Reels provide quick retrieval
  • Five bearings help to enhance performance and function
  • Smooth and comfortable handle
  • An adjustable drag means that you can hook your catch for as long as possible
  • Changeable retrieval enhances flexibility


  • Relatively less strong and smooth as other spincast reels
  • Some people find the drag of Penn Pursuit II 8000CP Spinning Reels to be a bit extreme
Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel


This spincast reel is lightweight and reliable. This reel comes with 10 ball bearings to enhance retrieval and smoothness. In addition, the reel has a braid-ready spool that helps to promote more consistent casts and retrievals.

A sealed carbon drag enhances the reel’s fish fighting power. This reel is sealed, which means that debris and other unwanted substances can not penetrate into the reel. This makes the Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel durable.

If you are considering about this product. Here is unboxing video:


  • Its aluminum shaft makes it lightweight and easy to handle. Aluminum is strong and much lighter than steel.
  • It provides superior performance and durability
  • The spincast reel is suitable for various fishing applications
  • Smooth operation
  • Provides a lengthy cast
  • Impressive action


  • Features a plastic thumb button that impedes performance
Shimano Stradic Stci4+4000Fa Reel


This spincast reel is suitable for beginners and occasional anglers. It provides users with reliable and smooth performance. In addition, the spincast reel has a solid construction and is designed to last for many years.

The Shimano Stradic STCI4+4000FA Reel comes with multiple bearings providing easy casting and retrieval. It is easy to use and takes a relatively short time for users to get accustomed to. Its high gear ration provides smooth casting and retrieval.


  • Excellent performance, especially when casting
  • User-friendly even when using heavy lures
  • Smooth retrieval
  • Quite affordable


  • Extremely sensitive drag adjustment wheel causing retrieval problems
Sougayilang Spin Cast Reel


This is a durable spin cast reel with a versatile construction. It can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It has a telescopic design that makes it suitable for use in a boat or from reefs and rocks. The spin cast reel features strong carbon fiber material making it lightweight, flexible, and balanced.

Its strong and lightweight construction also makes it suitable for wrestling in heavy fish. In addition, it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Sougayilang is easy to use and handle. It can be used effectively by both professional and amateur fishing enthusiasts. Apart from its durable construction, Sougayilang spin cast reel has a smooth performance thanks to its many ball bearings.


  • Versatile and can be used in various locations
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Provides smooth casts and retrievals and is capable of handling large fish
  • Can be used by both professional and amateur anglers


  • Produces a clicking sound when adjusting control for casting, which might scare away some fish
  • Poorly cleaned spinning reels may backup


It is important to consider your fishing conditions, spincast reel strength and material when choosing a spincast. Other factors to consider when choosing a spincast include reliability, affordability, and quality. I think the Shimano Stradic STCI4+4000FA Reel is the best spincast reel because it is suitable for both amateur and experienced anglers, has a strong construction, is durable, provides smooth retrieval and casting, and is relatively affordable. We hope you found this guide useful. Please share widely with friends and followers online.

We hope you found this guide useful. Please share widely with friends and followers online.

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