How To Fish

What do you do when your girl asks for fish for dinner on your romantic weekend camping by the lake? Do you cunningly offer a can of sardines or do you use your fishing tackle and angling skills to find a fresh catch for her right from the lake? Learning how to fish is not as complicated as it sounds. However, it requires some basic angling skills and a bit of practice. These tips and tricks will definitely help you impress your girlfriend with a prized catch on your next picnic by the lake.


Top Reasons Why You Should Go Fishing

Fishing is a popular hobby for many angling enthusiasts in the U.S. People go for fishing for many reasons including:

​For Your Love!

No more reason can be better!​ ^^

Social Bonding

Social Bonding

Going out to fish presents an opportunity for you to bond with your family and friends. There is fun and laughter when you chase after a trout with your friends. Your social relationships become stronger and you appreciate the time you spend away from the hassle of the city.

Fishing could also be a great opportunity to mentor the younger generation. It is a skill that is often passed down through generations. How awesome will it be when your grandkids remember you for the great fishing lessons you gave them?

Relief From Stress

Relief From Stress

Interacting with nature is a free form of stress relief. You feel alive when you take the day away from city life and just take in the serenity of the wilderness. The joy of reeling in that first catch is something you are likely to remember and cherish for a long time.

Conserve The Environment

Conserve The Environment

Fishing makes you more aware of the importance of conserving the environment. You feel motivated to protect fishing habitats once you understand their importance. Spending time outdoors engaging in fishing can make you realize the importance of clean water and air to both humans and wildlife.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Fishing is a favorite outdoor sport for many people. There is a lot of adrenaline involved chasing Pike or Walleye and the ultimate satisfaction of making a successful catch. Therefore, if you have been thinking of switching from video game to something more outdoorsy and fun, fishing is a good consideration.



Nature is the best teacher. Fishing inculcates patience and a sense of appreciation for the environment in the participants. Each time you cast your line or aim your bow fish arrow at an elusive pike, there is a lesson to be learned. Many people often find fishing a little intimidating at first. However, once you reel in that first catch, nothing feels impossible for you. You feel fulfilled and motivated to pursue even bigger goals in your life.

Fish is nourishing

Fish Is Nourishing

White meat is packed with lots of essential nutrients that can help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Fish is rich in proteins and the good fats that your body needs. In addition, many people like to take their food fresh from the source. Fishing enables you to obtain fresh fish from your favorite fishing spot and enjoy the additional benefit of having healthy food at your disposal.

Boost the economy

Boost The Economy

Most fishing reserves charge entrance fees and fishing taxes to anglers. This directly generates revenue for your state and promotes employment. Paying for your angling ticket may seem like a small gesture, but it keeps someone employed and your state government operational.



Fishing is an ideal recreational activity. There is more fun in fishing than in staying at home watching TV. In addition, your girlfriend will love and appreciate your adventurous spirit.

Support Efforts To Conserve Wildlife And Their Habitat

Support Efforts To Conserve Wildlife And Their Habitat

Anglers can come together to form an organization that protects fish reserves. They can agree on the best seasons to fish as well as fishing limits per reserve. By engaging in such programs, you protect fish populations by minimizing overfishing and environmental pollution.

Popular Fish Targets For Many Fishing Anglers

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass is quite tasty, especially when well cooked. You will love them if you clean them thoroughly before frying until they flake. Bass is attracted to bright colors, especially red. Live or plastic red worms will provide good bait. Largemouth bass spawn during spring and love to swim against the currents.

Largemouth Bass


Tilapia meat is very tasty and features prominently in many restaurant menus. This type of fish is native to Africa and the Middle East. Fortunately, it has also been introduced in the U.S. in areas with a warmer climate. Tilapia is best caught during their spawning seasons. They are not afraid to come to the water surface, which makes them easy targets. This fish often become docile after the spawning season. You will have to be a bit patient with your line and lure.


Cobia is a unique type of marine fish. The meat of cobia is white, chunky, and can be prepared in many ways. To catch cobia, consider using pinfish, crabs, eels, or blue runner pieces as bait. Cobia is easy to spot as they travel on shallow waters.



Mullets are liked for their fleshy and oily meat. You only need a little oil, salt, and pepper to cook them for 5 minutes; or until they flake. Garnish them with lemon wedges and they become your next favorite dish. Chum baits are quite effective for catching mullet. You can also use shrimp, worms, or bugs as bait.

Sand Fleas

Sand fleas are crustaceans with 10 legs. Anglers use sand fleas to lure bigger fish. They can also be eaten as food as they taste exactly like shell crabs. Sand fleas can be gathered from wet sand about 20 feet from where the water waves end. They usually hide in wet sand with their antennas out of the surface of the sand. They are likely to run when you approach, but scoop the sand where they hide and you will catch a handful of them.

sand flea
Fiddler Crabs

Fiddler Crabs

Fiddler crabs can be eaten or used as bait. They taste like most crustacean fish and are favorite bait for sheep head or pompano. Fiddler crabs love to come ashore to feed on the soft wet mud. You can catch them on site and collect as many as you wish. You can also catch them using traps.

Fishing hat


Fishing hats are important because they protect you from the sun's heat. Angling hats also help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. They are breathable and resistant to water or fading. Fishing hats come in different styles, shapes, and designs to suit the varying tastes and preferences of anglers. A special lining above the brim of the hat can be used to store lures and baits.


Angling gloves come in handy when you are fishing in winter. They keep your hands warm and protect them from frost and the cold water. The best gloves for fishing should be lightweight and flexible. Ensure the glove material is durable to serve you for longer.

Fishing gloves
Fishing Shirt


A light breathable shirt is suitable for fishing during summer. Cotton t-shirts are suitable for fishing in hot weather because they absorb sweat better. In winter, a heavier fishing shirt is preferable. The shirt should not be too porous to allow heat to escape from your body. If you have to wear the fishing shirt inside a jacket, make sure it does not dampen easily due to sweat.

Fishing bow

Fishing Bow & Fishing Crossbow

There are two types of fishing bows. The recurve bow and the compound bow. Whichever bow you decide to use depends on your preference and skill as an angler.

The recurve bow is the traditional and most basic bow-fishing bow. It has been used for many years to shoot and capture fish. A recurve bow is still the accessory of choice for beginner anglers. The bow is made of one material or a composite to give it varying properties.

The compound bow is a modernized version of the traditional bow. It uses a cable and pulley system to create enough tension to shoot an arrow. The bow is rigid and, when combined with the pulley system, creates enough let-off to shoot and hit your target. Less energy is required to shoot at fish when using a compound bow.


Fishing arrows are made of fiberglass or carbon. Fiberglass arrows are cheaper and come in various colors. However, they do not often maintain their straight shape. Carbon fiber arrows are pricier, more rigid, and maintain their straight shape better. Carbon arrows have better tolerance to draw weight. The only downside is that they crack easily when exposed to extreme impact. Some fishing arrows have retractable barbs. This makes it easy to twist and release them from the fish.

Fishing Arrows
Fishing Reel Line

Fishing Reel Line

The best reel line for fishing is the threaded line because it does not tangle easily allowing you to reel in the fish faster. Reel line of below 20 pounds is enough to catch fish weighing five pounds. For heavier fish, the reel line needs to have thicker braids.


Pliers are necessary to unscrew hooks off the fish once you catch it. Fishing pliers help you work faster in unhooking the fish and prepare your line for the next shot.

Fishing Plier
fly fishing waders


Waders are waterproof boots that extend from the foot to the chest. The most common types of waders are made from vulcanized rubber. However, modern waders are made from a wide range of materials including PVC, Gore-Tex, and neoprene. One of the unique features of waders is their special soles. Rubber or hiking soles are suitable for anglers who walk long distances through the woods before reaching their fishing destinations.

Fly Tying Kit

This refers to fishing tackle that contains essential fishing gear you need to tie flies. There are many patterns of flies that you can tie and each fishing tackle is designed to tie various patterns of fly. There is no specific fly tying kit with all the materials required to tie all patterns of fly. Some of the materials included in a fly tying kit include elk hair, marabou, chenille, and dubbing among others.

Fly Tying Kit
Plastic Worms

Plastic Worms

The walls of many tackle shops are usually filled with all sorts of rubber worms. These are some of the best lures for bass and other fish species. In fact, they perform better than live bait. In addition, plastic worms are some of the least expensive lures on the market. You can use rubber lures in deep, shallow, or open waters. In addition, plastic worms can be used in all seasons.


This refers to a weight that is often used together with a fishing lure or hook to enhance its rate of sink, anchoring, and casting distance. Fishing sinkers range in size from the small 1 gram sinkers often used in shallow waters to the large sinkers that are more suitable for deep sea fishing.

Lead fishing sinker
Fishing lure

Bait & Lure

A fishing lure is an artificial bait that is designed to attract a fish’s attention. Fish are often attracted to the lure’s color, vibration, and movement. These fishing equipment are often equipped with hooks to catch fish when they strike.

​Types of baits:

  • Worms
  • Leeches
  • Freshwater Clams and Mussels
  • Minnows
  • Insects
  • Dough Balls

One the other hand, a fishing bait is any substance that can be used to attract and catch fish. In the past, anglers used small bait fish, insects, and nightcrawlers to catch fish. Today, many people use electronic lures and plastic bait to attract and catch fish. Ntaural bait such as croakers and shrimp are more effective for catching fish that artificial bait.

Types of lures:

  • Jigs
  • Spinners
  • Spoons
  • Soft plastic baits
  • Plugs
  • Spinerbaits
  • Flies
fishing bait

When to use lure

When to use bait

When the target fish are undersized and nuisance fish

When the target fish are omnivorous or vegetarian

In warmer waters

In cold waters

In clear waters

In muddy and discolored waters

For aggressive fish

For no-nuisance fish

During the day

At night