How To Use A Portable Fishing Rod – It’s So Easy!

Despite the fact that a lot of people consider it to be a fun activity, the reality is that with fishing, the preparations involved are rather cumbersome. The reason for this is that there are several things you have to secure, such as the rod, spool, fishing lines, lures, hooks, and baits. While other materials are small and could be easily stashed together in a bag, the fishing rod alone is one which is extremely long and heavy, and hence a lot of people may find it tiring to carry to the place they would want to fish. Aside from the weight, its sheer size would make heads turn, especially when you have to take public transportation.


Luckily, in recent years, a lot of manufacturers have realized the need for a rod that could be more easily carried from place to place. Because of this, the portable fishing rod was born. These rods don't have a fixed length and could be retracted small enough to be able to fit bags along with other fishing tools. Given that it's specialized, it's important for you to know how to use this the right way, and this tutorial would help you know the proper way of using a portable fishing rod.

Things You Need

Portable Fishing Rod

Portable Fishing Rod

The reason why it's called a portable fishing rod, to begin with, is because of its size. Unlike standard fishing rods which are normally tall as 20 feet, and remains that way, these portable fishing rods could be collapsed into shorter lengths, as small as 2 feet. This makes them much easier to carry around and stash in bags. They are usually made from the same materials as that of conventional fishing rods, such as alloys and graphite compounds.

Portable Fishing Rod

The key difference lies in the fact that these rods are segmented in nature. In other words, the rods are made of small chunks or segments that fit into each other, but not too loosely or too tightly. The bottom portion of these segments is usually connected and secured through threads.

The material with which this is made is usually aluminum. The expansion or collapsing is done by twisting these rods into each other, with adjustment for length to be done in a similar manner.

Open Space With High Ceiling

Open Space With High Ceiling

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This is one of the most important things you have to consider, especially for the larger ones. Doing the assembly or extension and collapsing process in an open space would most definitely allow you to realize and adjust the over-all length of your portable rod better. Indoor spaces with low ceilings would definitely hinder you from being able to do so.

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Contact Cleaner

clean air spray

This would come in handy whenever it’s been quite a while since you last used your portable fishing rod. Whenever you don’t get to use your fishing rod for a long time, chances are, it would be difficult for you to assemble the pieces, or if it can’t be detached, then spraying some contact cleaner would facilitate the getting rid of dust, rust, and other sediments, and would eventually help to let the segments collapse into or expand from one another with ease.

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Dish Soap

After every use of the portable fishing rod or all rods in general, you have to make sure that it's kept as clean as possible. This is because the rods getting exposed to water, especially seawater would most definitely contribute to its corrosion, due to the presence of microorganisms, salt, and other substances.

Washing with a gentle dish soap after use rids the portable rod of any of these impurities, thus allowing you to use it without any troubles for a longer period of time.

dish soap

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Other Necessary Fishing Tools

bait steel material

One of the things you have to keep in mind is that the use of the portable fishing rod would be impossible without the use of other materials. These include the reel, fishing line, baits of different sizes, as well as a fishing lure. The proper combination and use of these materials could either make or break your entire fishing experience, as it could determine whether you’ll actually have a good catch or not.

How To Use a Portable Fishing Rod

Take It Out From Its Container

portable fishing rods with containers

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Some portable fishing rods come with their own containers that you could just slip right off, which could make it much easier for you to use. Whether or not it comes with its own special case, it’s important that you take it out of its container carefully and gently.

Investing in a portable fishing rod with its own special case would help spare the rod from damage that could be caused by a variety of external factors, the most common of all these would have to be unexpected falls.

Align The Segments, From Smallest To Largest

Align The Segments, From Smallest To Largest

This step is applicable in cases where the fishing rod’s segments could be freely removed. In this step, make sure to align the parts in such a way that the fit is just right. In other words, not too loose wherein the segments would quickly fall into each other, but rather just enough for them to fit in, but would not fall inside the moment you let the rod stand erect.

If The Segments Are Not Freely Removable, Begin Pulling Out From The Top

This is the common design among portable fishing rods, and is touted as the more hassle-free variety. This kind of portable fishing rod would also spare you from the mistakes that could arise, and are fairly common among those whose segments could be separated. In doing so, always begin from the top, usually the one where a lilian string could be found.

The pulling out could be made possible by tilting the whole rod a little bit.

Attach The Fishing Line To The Tip

How to Tie a Swivel to a Fishing Line

In the eye that's specially made to attach the line, simply make a secure knot. This is much easier to do prior to the next step, given that if the entire rod has not yet been fully extended, you are able to have a tighter and more secure tie for the main line. This is applicable for fishing rods that don't have reels.

The reason as to why a lot of portable rods don't have reels, to begin with, is simply because these rods are too small to fit the standard reels that other conventional fishing rods are equipped with. Prior to attaching, make sure that the line is the one which is neither too long nor too short. To get the best length, know the kinds of fish you wish to catch as well as the depth of the body of water which you would be fishing in.

Pull Out The Other Parts And Check Accordingly

Pull Out The Other Parts And Check Accordingly

Always make sure that the segments are properly extended. You would know that you were able to achieve this through checking on whether or not the rod makes a clicking sound whenever you shake it a little bit. Should this be the case, make it a point to determine which part may need some more extension, and do what ought to be done. If your portable rod employs a screwing mechanism, then tighten the screw in the area in which it is loose.

Once You’re Done, Clean And Retract The Entire Thing Properly

reel cleaning

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The most important part when it comes to using the rod would most definitely have to be the after-care. This is because doing it properly would most definitely allow you to use the rod for a longer time, as after-care would remove all the impurities that may have accumulated on the rod that could contribute to its corrosion, the most common of which being seawater.

To do this, remove the fishing line first, and then dissolve some dish soap in water, dip a piece of clean, and preferably lint-free cloth, and wipe. Wipe it dry and leave it out in the sun to dry even more thoroughly. Once this is through, you may add a little bit of contact cleaner to prevent the segments from getting stuck. Do this especially when you’re not going to use the rod for a long time.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? If you have any clarifications, then feel free to comment below. Remember that maintenance and care in using this fishing rod would be the key to its longevity in terms of use. If you want to go for light-weight materials, then aluminum would be the perfect choice for your fishing rod. Strength is something you ought not to worry about, as most of these portable fishing rods are just as strong as conventional ones, especially those created by reputed manufacturers.

Furthermore, the portable fishing rod is one which you could make use of if you’re just starting out, of if fishing isn’t your top hobby, given that the materials are used are not as heavy-duty as other heavy, non-portable ones that couldn’t be collapsed into a much smaller size.

Have you learned a lot of things after reading this article? Hopefully, this has helped you increase your knowledge in fishing, specifically in using a portable fishing rod. If so, feel free to comment and share this with your family and friends.

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