Super-amazing Tips on How to Buy a Pocket Fishing Rod (No #3 Will Surprise You)

If your idea of a perfect weekend is taking a pocket fishing rod to the lake, you are not alone. Personally, I carry a fishing rod everywhere I go; whether out on a weekend camping or while strolling along the lake. You never know when you will chance on that prized trout you always wanted. However, if you do not own a fishing rod, and might be considering buying one, allow me to share some tips on how to buy one. Basically, there are three things to have in mind while buying fishing rods: the rod type, construction, and the action (rod bending).


How Do I Know The Best Fishing Rod?

pocket fishing rod

The kind of fishing rod you purchase will be determined by two things. The species of fish you will be targeting and two, your fishing method. Fishing rods are categorized according to action range and target fish:

  • Super light rods are used on small fish like bait or crappie.
  • Light rods are ideal for sunfish, pan fish or bluegills.
  • Medium light rods are used on fish like the trout or walleye.
  • Medium (bass) rods are ideal for redfish or catfish.
  • Medium heavy rods are ideal for snook or salmons.
  • Heavy rods fish species like tarpon, sturgeon and tuna.
  • Extra heavy rods are ideal for sharks, halibuts or sailfish.

#1 Length And Action Of The Fishing Rod

pocket fishing rod

The length of the fishing rod affects its action. If your fishing rod is classified as short, it falls in the ultra-light-light action category. It is also the kind of rod that will bend easily. A lighter rod will also limit you to the tiny fishes like pan fishes; because a hard hook cannot work with a light rod.

Lighter rods only handle small line pounds. A 5-foot rod will handle line weight to a maximum of 5 pounds. Hard hooks cannot be used on lighter rods, which is why you can never go for the big fish with a light rod.

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On the other hand, when we talk about action, we refer to the fishing rod’s ability to deflect or bend. Bending happens when there is pressure on your rod’s tip like when a fish dangles from it. The action of your fishing rod will determine how it easily handles bait movement or the pull of a fish.

#2 Fishing Rod Construction

pocket fishing rod

You do not want your fishing rod to be too long or too short that it affects your fishing adventures. A lightweight 10-feet long fishing rod is ideal when fishing from your kayak, but will be inconvenient to use when trekking through the woods to your favorite fishing spots. In addition, the same 10-feet angling rod will be an even bigger pain to cast if the lake or pond is surrounded by a dense forest.

The more solidly constructed fishing rods are way better suited for handling heavy things. Nevertheless, you have to think about how you store or transport the fishing rod.

Fishing rods that are more than 7-feet long may not fit inside your car and also tend to take up too much boat space.

pocket fishing rod

Always remember that the construction of your pocket fishing line determines how easily it can be stored. You want a fishing rod you can carry with you and reel to action whenever a fishing opportunity comes up. Fortunately, there are plenty of telescopic fishing rods that extend to whatever length you want.

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#3 Fishing Rod Material

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The stronger the fishing rod material, the better chance the rod has to withstand the brutal pulls and turns that come with fishing. When you talk about the fishing rod material, you also have to consider the size of the rod itself. Luckily, the new fishing rods out on the market take these two into account.

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Fishing rod manufacturers like to combine materials like graphite and fiberglass to produce tough fishing rods. These materials also speak to the aesthetics and feel of the fishing rod. Moreover, there is a constant search for better construction materials and ingenuity to create fishing rods that have the avid angler in mind.

#4 Type Of Fishing Rod

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Now that you have thought about the length-action, construction, and material of your rod, it is time to choose the type of rod that suits your angling style. There are so many fishing rod styles out there. Your part is to consider the rod that best suits your needs and situation including your budget.

Spinning Rods

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As their name suggests, spinning rods are fishing rods used with a spinning reel. The spinning rods are constructed in a way that the fishing line is easily spooled out of the open bale reel. Spinning rods come in many sizes, allowing you to cast your line far out to catch the best trophy fish.

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Casting Rods

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The casting rod has a bait caster control with a button-operated spool. These fishing rods are known to be of solid construction making them ideal for heavy lures. Compared to spinning rods, the eye on the casting rod is smaller thus has a higher casting accuracy. If you consider yourself a professional angler, then you must have a casting rod or two in your fishing gear.

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Specialty Rods

Specialty pocket fishing rod are designed for a specific purpose and come in various models. The size and quality of the specialty rods determine their pricing. However, once you get your hands on one, you are likely to be impressed by the sturdiness of the road despite the number of abuses you subject it to. Specialty rods are further subdivided into the surf rods, trolling rods, ice rods, and the fly rods.

Surf rods are designed to work with a spinning reel. They are large, long, and ideal for the angler who enjoys surf fishing. If you are fishing in strong waves that limit how far you cast your bait, you need a surf rod asap. It allows you to cast the line angle high up to prevent your bait from being washed back ashore.

pocket fishing rod

Trolling rods are specifically designed for troll fishing. Troll fishing is when you drive around in your boat with the bait dragging behind. This type of fishing is ideal for netting marlins, walleyes or salmon. A speed of 3mph-5mph is best when trolling for salmon.

The speed will be higher when trolling for Marlin. Because trolling rods are used when the boat is moving, they have to be of strong and durable materials to withstand the high speeds.

Ice rods are the shortest of specialty rods. They are used in ice fishing, a technique of luring fish from holes in the frozen ice. You do not have to cast bait when using ice rods and you can vary the action according to your preference. Ice rods are used when fishing for Walleye or northern pikes.

pocket fishing rod

Fly rods are quite sophisticated and need expert handling. They are longer thus will require a lot of effort to cast the lure further into the water. They can be customized to suit your preference and fishing action. There are fly rods meant for light action like fishing for the speckled trout and those meant for larger action like subduing a tarpon.

What Else Should I Know About Pocket Fishing Rod?

Another factor to take into account about fishing rods is their responsiveness. This refers to the general feel of the fishing rod as you handle it. Does it feel soft at the tip? How rigid is its entire length? Do you like how the handle grips? After everything else is taken into consideration-rod length, construction, price, material- it all boils down to how responsive the fishing rod is to the angler.

Fishing rod
  • Every angler has his own preference when it comes to fishing rods. However, some pocket fishing rods are more popular among anglers. The commonly bought fishing rods are the 6-foot and 7-foot rods. This narrows down further to the 6-feet 6-inches medium action spinning fishing rod. I would pick this one for its flexibility in application and its strength in catching the heavier fish.
  • When we talk about fishing rod pricing, this is where your budget and needs come to play. Fortunately, most fishing rod companies sell the pocket rods with their accessories. It is easy to find a combination package that includes a reel and even fishing line. I would advise you to purchase the combination packages if you are starting out as an angler.
  • The rod length depends on the type of fishing method to be used. Short or long fishing rods all have their advantages with respect to their application. If you ask any professional angler out there, they will tell you that somewhere between 164cm and 229cm is a good length for a fishing rod.

Advantages Of Longer Pocket Fishing Rod

  • Longer casting and more fishing control
  • Can be used with hard hooks
  • They have more power
  • They are more accurate around obstacles
  • Easy to transport
  • Help you present your bait better in tiny streams
Longer Fishing Rods


Did you find this article useful? I felt the need to point out the basics of shopping for pocket fishing rod. Most anglers do not have an idea on what to look for when shopping for fishing rods. In some cases, we tend to settle for less or what our budgets limits us to. However, remember with fishing gear you always get what you pay for. What challenges have you had in buying a fishing rod that suits your needs?

Tell us your experience in the comment section below, or share this article with fellow anglers.

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