Six Best Reasons Why You Need Fish Hooks For Hats: #6 Is The Most Important

Are you a big time sport-fishing fan? If yes, then maybe you have several fish hooks for hats at home, like I do. If you do not have a fish hook hat collection already, then let me give you a good reason why you should.

A fish hat is one vital accessory that is important to have when out angling. Not only does it protect your eyes and face from the glaring sun, it also keeps you safe from sunburns and insect bites. fish hook hats are also aesthetically pleasing but it all depends on whether you get the right type of hat for your head size and personality.


What Should You Consider When Buying Fish Hook Hats?

The market is full of fishing hats in all shapes and sizes. Your choice of a fishing hat depends on many things not limited to head size alone. Personally, the following are the important factors I consider when buying a new fish hook hat.

1) Size Of The Hat

I know, you probably think this is an obvious factor but let me tell you it is not. Many anglers have ended up buying hats that do not fit especially when purchasing and shipping them from an online angling store. Therefore, before you buy your fishing hat, make sure the product fits the bill in terms of size.

Fortunately, fish hook hat manufacturers quickly discovered that no one size fits all, so they now produce fishing hats in different sizes. Fishing hat sizes are now measured in inches but still within the small, medium, and large sizes:

  • Small fishing hats come in sizes that range from 6 5/8 to 6 7/8 inches.
  • Medium hats from 7 to 7 1/8 inches.
  • Large hats from 7 ¼ to 7 3/8 inches.

With an expanded size scale, both kids and adults can now find a suitable fishing hat that fits their heads perfectly. However, this new scale is mostly suitable for male anglers; fishing hats for female anglers still maintain a direct measuring scale.

This means a size 22 fish hook hat would suit that woman angler with a head measurement of around 20 inches.

2) Adjustable Fish Hook Hats

Though I prefer my fishing hat to fit snuggly, I still want my head to breathe while trying to catch a walleye. This is why I always insist on an adjustable chin strap to come with my fishing hats. One other use of the chin strap I like is the ability to hold my fishing hat down when strong winds come blowing while out in the lake.

Adjustable Fish Hook Hats

Chin straps are also great because they eliminate the need to keep re-adjusting your hat. The whole purpose of being out in the lake is not to fish alone but also to take in the beautiful landscapes in the warm summer sun. Fishing hat straps are made from different materials, however, I highly prefer one made from genuine leather.

The advantage of leather chin straps is that they are durable and will last longer. They not only hold your hat intact but also feel comfortable around the face compared to other materials like nylon. Besides, I think leather fishing hats go well with a nice pair of fishing glasses, but that is just me.

3) Water-resistant Outer Shell

Part of being comfortable while fishing by the lake is getting a fish hook hat that is waterproof on the outer shell. Weather patterns constantly change and you do not want to be caught off guard when the starts pouring. A good fishing hat will keep your head protected from the dripping water, all the while still ensuring your head remains breathable.

Water-resistant Outer Shell

A soaked up fishing hat is not the best experience ever, take it from an avid angler like me. Not only does the hat lose shape when weighed down with water, it also absorbs cold putting you at risk of becoming sick; especially during winter. If you are going to get a new fishing hat, make sure it is breathable and waterproof.

4) Proper Ventilation

For your fish hook hat to be breathable, it must have proper ventilation. A poorly ventilated hat absorbs all the heat from the sun and leaves you feeling hot and sweaty. Just like the hat gets in the way of your sight when not properly strapped down, so do those annoying beads of sweat coming from under the hat itself.

fishing lure stuck in hat band

Do yourself a huge favor; get a fishing hat with plenty of ventilation on it. The ventilation holes ensure constant air circulation within the hat; expelling out the hot air while allowing in cooler air. You always want your head to feel cool and comfortable under the hat, it helps you think better especially when trying out that new bass fishing technique.

There are other features I look out for that adds to a well-ventilated fishing hat. One, I like a fish hook hat that includes a hidden cap on the back. The wide-brim protects you from an overhead sun, and the cape will take after when the sun shifts positions. To add to the comfort, I also like fishing hats that are lined with a cotton twill instep; which has a sweat absorbing band when it gets extremely hot outside.

5) Fade Resistant Hat

This feature adds to the aesthetics of the hat. Fishing hats do look good when bought the first time but are prone to fading when exposed to the sun or rain for a prolonged period. Although your fishing hat will eventually be affected by the elements, the question is, how quickly do you want this to happen?

Undeniably, you want a fish hook hat that will maintain its mint look for a longer period. That said, how could you tell if a particular fishing hat will keep its dashing color even after years of use? I would say you have to look at the material the fishing hat is made from.

khaki hat with fishing tackle

Some fabrics that will hold color better than others. I recommend you do an in-depth research on the type of materials used to make fish hook hats. Find out the advantages of the various types of fabrics and only purchase that fishing hat made from a material that is fade resistant.

6) Style Of The Hat

I can never stress enough on the importance of picking a fish hook hat that defines your style. This is why I always advise anglers to go out and pick their own hats rather than have someone do it for them. Why? Because fish hook hats come in different styles.

Most of the fish hook hats on the market today are divided into four categories:

  • Baseball cap hats.
  • Up-downer hats.
  • Traditional wide brim.
  • The booney hat.
Style Of The Hat

The baseball cap hat is the simplest looking hat you can find. This one would be ideal for that angler who just wants something to cover their head regardless of aesthetics. However, baseball hats have several disadvantages like getting easily soaked in the rain, absorbing too much sweat, and susceptible to being blown off by the wind. They would be a good choice if the weather is cool and less windy and you will not be out fishing for more than an hour.

The up-downers are an improved version of the original baseball caps. These hats are extended at the front for protection from the sun and have a cape that rolls down to cover your neck as well. They also come with chin straps to secure the hat in place.

The traditional wide-brim fishing hat

The traditional wide-brim hats are the SI unit for fishing hats. The wide brim protects from the scorching sun and an included cape protects the neck as well. The wide-brim hats also come with straps and are relatively multipurpose; you can wear it on the lake or to a safari.

Booney fishing hat

Booney hats were originally defined as hunting hats before they were discovered by anglers. They are wide brimmed as well, lightly colored, and quite breathable, especially in hot weather. Modern day booney hats are designed with a synthetic fabric that is not only breathable but also light.


If there is one item you should never miss in your angling equipment, it has to be the fish hooks for hats. An angling hat is a prized accessory to me every time I take my fishing tackle out for sport fishing. A hat can protect you from harsh weather conditions and ensure your angling escapades are always memorable. This is why I had to put this article together to explain this in detail.

I hope you enjoyed the information shared in this article, which can be your go-to guide when buying an angling hat for the first time.

If you have fellow anglers who would find this article useful, share it with them on social media. In addition, comment below and let me know what kind of an angling hat you prefer.

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