How To Be Cool For The Summer Out In The Woods With Camping Tent Air Conditioner?

Want to go for a camping trip but not willing to sacrifice the comfort and coolness of your home? It’s time that you consider getting a camping tent air conditioner. To those who are just beginning to explore the wonders of nature through camping, add camping tent air conditioners to your list of things to bring/buy for your camping trip.


Before purchasing your first ever tent air conditioner, you must first consider your target campsite location and features that you’re looking for in an A/C. Note that evaporative/swamp coolers produces moist cool air and would not be ideal for humid areas. Evaporative air conditioners require water to function. There are some A/Cs that does not produce moist air even though it utilizes water to function. If the weather in the location of the campsites you visit varies, then it’s best that you get an A/C that would work both in humid and dry weather.

Here are six air conditioners that you can choose from. Consider the unit’s features, quality, price, size, strength, durability, convenience and portability in making a choice.

5 Camping Tent Air Conditioners To Combat The Heat

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camping tent air conditioner

Looking for an air conditioner unit that can function really well and has the right size? The Ivation 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner might be the one you’re looking for. This unit is has all the necessary features you would need for your camping trip. It has five modes to choose from that can satisfy your cooling needs.

You can choose fan for light air flow, cool to combat the heat, dehumidify to remove the moistness in the air, auto for an automatic adjustment of the unit to the area and sleep to set the unit to your preferred period. This much features are really impressive especially to those who are after the performance of a unit. 

The A/C unit has an impressive dehumidification capacity of 61 pint per day. Although the unit should be manually drained of excess liquid due to condensation, the advance feature of this unit is that you don’t have to continuously check and drain the collection tray. The unit will alarm you if it’s in need of emptying by beeping 8 times.

With its size of 30” height and width of 18”, this unit can cool up to 350 sq. m. area, just enough for a regular camping tent space. This unit requires you to create an outlet for hot air but, it’s not really hard to set up especially since vent tubes are included. It has rolling casters and built in handles for easy transfers.

The panel on the unit allows you to modify the modes, has a LED display that tells you the temperature and uses a touch button interface which is very impressive. For convenience and ease of use, a remote control is also provided. Its weight of 63.6 lbs. is just proportioned to the size of the unit which isn’t bad for its performance. The Ivation 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is just the right unit for camping trips.

Main Features

  • Has a built in handle and rolling caster
  • Does not need ice or water.
  • Has 5 functional modes.
  • Has a control panel with a touch button interface.
  • Not too big and bulky.
  • Can cool up to 62 °F.
  • Can cool up to 350 sq. m. area.
  • Dehumidifies with a capacity of 61 pint a day.

Best Features

  • Just right size and weight for a top notch features and performance.
  • ​Comes with vent tubes, window kit, filter, remote control and collection tray.
camping tent air conditioner

This air conditioner has been a best seller for years because of its portable size and efficiency. For its size, it can cool a space up to 150 sq. m. The Frigidaire 5000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner can be used at home and in your tent when you’re camping. This 35 lbs. unit is definitely portable and won’t take that much space in your car with its 16” width and 12” height.

It can quickly cool down the room using one of its feature modes. It can be a fan or for cooling and has four air modes which you can set on high or low. With its temperature control feature, you can also set the temperature level and maintain the temperature of the room according to your liking. 

It can cool a big tent fit for a family or a group that’s out to enjoy the great outdoors. Make sure that your campsite has a power source and that you can plug in the A/C. Compared to the installation process of our A/Cs at home, the Frigidaire 5000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner does not take a lot of time setting up. Just find a space where you can set up the A/C, plug it in and it’s good to go. You can get a camping tent with built in air conditioner port or you can DIY make one. Just mount the A/C on a hard platform that can hold the A/C in place outside of your tent.

The efficiency of this unit is unbelievable. A small A/C unit as the Frigidaire 5000 can cool your tent in 15 minutes. Now there’s no need to worry about leaving the comforts of your home. You can wake up to the beautiful nature without feeling the uncomfortable heat. With its consistency in the market, you can never go wrong with the Frigidaire 5000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner. 

Main Features

  • Can be used at home and in tents.
  • Can cool up to a 150 sq. m. space.
  • Has a portable size of 16” width and 12” height and a weight of 35 lbs.
  • Can cool the area quickly.
  • Requires energy.
  • Has fan and cooling modes.
  • Can control temperature levels with its temperature control feature.
  • Very affordable.

Best Features

  • Small unit but can really cool up to 150 sq. m.
  • ​Comes with an air conditioner kit that includes a filter, support bracket, side panel leaf covers and window seal foam.
camping tent air conditioner

The GoCool Portable Air Conditioner is made for camping and for travelling. It comes with rolling casters and collapsible handle which makes it easier to carry around. Other than the added convenience of its exterior features, the GoCool Portable Air Conditioner also has a control panel which has an adjustable temperature levels up to 64 °F and the modes from warmer to cooler that can be adjusted to your liking.

There is also an automatic and manual mode which can allow you to efficiently manage the unit. The panel has an indicator if it is getting low on ice or if it’s getting low on battery which alerts you when to refill or recharge. You only need ice and water to cool down your tent. To maximize the capacity of the unit, it is highly recommended to use 4 one gallon of water and at least 40 lbs. of ice. With that amount of ice and water, you can already cool a small room in no time for at least 8 hours

You can install a tube on the air exhaust and use it for a quick personal cooling. However, it does not insulate the water and the ice inside which makes the ice melt quickly especially when the outdoor temperature is hot. It comes with a 6 ft. drainage tubing which makes draining and cleaning easier. The unit requires a 12 volts power source that can be substituted for a rechargeable battery or you can plug it in your car in case your campsite does not provide power source.

The GoCool Portable Air Conditioner does not only cool your space, it can also filter and dehumidify the air. Even if this product utilizes water to function, it does not produce a moist cool air which evaporative or swamp coolers does. The GoCool Portable Air Condition is perfect for you if you’re looking for a minimal and portable air conditioner. 

Main Features

  • Perfect for camping and travelling.
  • Requires a 12V power source (battery can be used).
  • Requires the use of ice and water.
  • Has a control panel.
  • Has a 6 ft. drainage tubing.
  • Can cool up to 64 °F.
  • Suitable only for small spaces.

Best Features

  • Does not produce moist air even if it utilizes water and has efficient external features for portability.
camping tent air conditioner

Bothered that the extreme heat outdoors would ruin your family camping? The EdgeStar 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner will make nature your best friend. This portable air conditioner would work well in your family size camping tent. It can cool up to 500 sq. m. of space and can go as cool as 62 °F.

It has fan mode which can be set up to three speeds and dehumidify mode. Because of such features, the EdgeStar 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner works well in any kind weather. If you’re in a humid area, just set the A/C to dehumidify your tent and it will automatically cool and dry the place down. The three fan speeds available allows you to choose your preferred air output that would also change the noise level of the A/C. With a dehumidification capacity of 71 pints per day, this unit can definitely bring comfort all day long.

The A/C can also be set for a period of time with the sleep button and timer option. You don’t have to wake up at a certain time at night to turn the A/C on or off. This unit also has an automatic restart feature that would remember your chosen setting. So the next time you open it again, it is already set to your liking. All these options can be set through the electronic control panel on the unit. And for convenience, a remote control is also included to have an ease of access in changing the settings of the unit. 

The refrigerant being utilized by the A/C, the R-410A, efficiently creates cool air without damaging the environment. Although bulky and heavy with its height of 31”, width of 18” and weight of 72.8 lbs., this unit’s coverage is pretty impressive and is really efficient. This A/C is perfect for big camping groups in campsites with power source. The portable air conditioner is not only sleek and advance it is also very reliable. 

Main Features

  • Does not require ice or water.
  • Can cool 500 sq. m. space.
  • Can cool up to 62 °F.
  • Has an automatic drainage system.
  • Can function in two modes: dehumidify and fan.
  • Can work in humid or dry areas.
  • Has a control panel with LED display.
  • Has a dehumidification capacity of 71 pints per day.
  • Requires a power source.

Best Features

  • Coverage of its cooling power.
camping tent air conditioner

Want a reliable and convenient air conditioner without needing ice or water? The EdgeStar 8000 BTU Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner will definitely make that camping trip cool and comfortable! The air conditioner is ultra-portable with its size and has four casters for easy transfer. It’s definitely worth taking some space in your trunk. For its 24” height and 20” width, the air conditioner unit cools the space really well. It can cool up to 250 sq. m. area. No need to bother constantly refilling water and buying ice just for that coolness, the EdgeStar 8000 BTU Ultra Compact Portable Air Conditioner works with R-410A, an eco-friendly refrigerant.

Unlike other air conditioners, the EdgeStar 8000 has a built in automatic drainage system which gets rid of the excess liquid produced by the condensation process, so no need to worry about disposing the liquid. It can cool, dehumidify and can work on fan mode. You can choose the speed between high, medium or low on fan. The dehumidify mode works really well too if you are in a humid area and wanting that cool temperature.

The unit has the capacity of 50 pints per day that gets rid of the moist feeling in the humid air. The A/C has a control panel where you can manage all these modes and an LED display that shows the set temperature plus the unit comes with a remote control for the convenience of controlling it across the room. 

The unit has an exhaust at the back which is the outlet for hot air that the unit produced. When purchased, it comes with an exhaust hose which enables you to direct the exhausted air wherever you want. You can strategically create an opening inside your tent to set up the exhaust hose directed outside or you can use the window kit panels provided.

Another advance feature of this air conditioner is its restart function that recalls your chosen setting before turning it off so that it would function in the same setting when turned on again the next time. This unit is best used at home but is also outdoor friendly especially for camping. No need to worry about anything, all you need is a power source. 

Main Features

  • Does not require ice or water.
  • Not bulky with its 24” height, 20” width and 56 lbs. weight.
  • Can cool up to 250 sq. m. space.
  • Has an automatic drainage system.
  • Can function in three modes: cool, dehumidify and fan.
  • Ideal for dry hot areas.
  • Has a control panel with LED display.
  • Has a 50 pints per day capacity.
  • Requires a power source.

Best Features

  • Overall convenient features.

Who’s The Coolest?

Overall, those products really have an advantage in the market. They are all of quality and really does well in cooling. If you were to consider different factors in purchasing a camping tent air conditioner, see the list below to help you decide which one is the one for you.



Area Coverage:


Portability: #3. GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

With the intense heat and unbearable sun, air conditioners are really a must these days. But in order to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort, you must invest on a good quality A/C. The lists above discussed the features of A/Cs and now, it has come to a point that you should decide which. It’s really hard to judge which the best unit is.

All the units will not disappoint you in making your camping trip as cool and comfortable as it is at home. However, it would really depend on which factors do you prioritize more. Consider the list and take your pick! 

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