How To Choose The Best Ice Fishing Gloves – 2017 Edition

The best ice fishing gloves will not only keep you warm but they will also keep you safe when fishing during cold weather. You will need your hands to prepare bait, catch, clean and gut the fish as well as transport them back to your car. Therefore, the right ice fishing gloves should be thick enough, waterproof and promote mobility.


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Tips For Buying The Best Fishing Gloves

buying tips

If you are looking for ideal fishing gloves for your next winter fishing trip, then these tips should be a great place to start.

# Waterproof And Texture

Ice fishing gloves have to be waterproof. This ensures that your hands remain insulated and protected from the freezing temperatures. Secondly, the surface of the gloves needs texturing to enhance grip. You do not want your precious catch slipping off your hands after hours of casting bait (this way to put line a baitcaster will help you alot). Therefore, waterproofing and texture are two factors to always consider when buying ice-fishing gloves.

Waterproof And Texture

# Glove Durability

Glove Durability

Glove material determines the durability of the gloves. The glove material should be high quality and tough enough to withstand puncturing or wear and tear. Durable gloves are also ideal if you frequent the outdoors looking for a nice catch. However, you can buy cheap gloves if you fish occasionally.

Otherwise, get the kind of gloves that will last a while before purchasing new ones. The best fishing glove material is one that is breathable and lightweight. This ensures your hands stay dry and you are able to cast a rod or gut a fish with ease.

# Consider The Weather Conditions

Consider The Weather Conditions

Ice fishing gloves come in handy when the outdoor conditions are cold and freezing. This type of gloves is thick, waterproof, and fully enclosed to protect your hands from frost. On the other hand, the summer season is not as cold and this will determine the type of gloves you choose to wear. Ideally, summer fishing gloves should be more breathable. Some summer a UV-light feature that protects you from nasty sunburns.

# Affordability


You can find quality gloves that are also pocket-friendly. Price is often determined by the quality of the gloves, but you should be able to get decent ones on a budget. However, always keep in mind that cheap gloves may not always be ideal for you. It is better to save up and get gloves that are efficient and will last for years.

What You Should Know Before Going Out Ice Fishing

The success of your fishing escapades will depend on how well prepared you are. Safety should always be the first priority. If you are going out fishing, let someone accompany you. However, if you decide to go fishing alone, then let your family members or a friend know where you will be.

Safety ice fishing

Apart from quality gloves, you also need to invest in a lifesaving floater jacket. This will help ensure that you remain afloat in case you accidentally fall into the freezing water, especially with the heavy gear anglers like to wear during winter.

Secondly, never forget to sharpen your auger blades before going out. Use a piece of cardboard to test the sharpness of the blade. If it easily cuts through the piece of paper, it is sharp enough. If it struggles or takes a while to cut through, it needs sharpening.

Do not forget your ice fishing gloves either. It may be a good idea to take more than one pair of gloves with you. Though your high-end ice fishing gloves may be designed to be waterproof, you can never be so sure. They are bound to get wet especially when it suddenly rains while fishing. The second pair of warm gloves will come in handy and ensure you remain comfortable during the whole fishing experience. Get different brands of ice fishing gloves so you can test and compare their qualities.

gloves ice fishing

Another way to ensure a great fishing experience is by keeping your gear organized. You should have an inventory list to countercheck everything before going out. It helps remember all the important items you need to take with you. Test every item to ensure it works perfectly before crossing it off on your inventory list. After a day's work, check again if you have everything you brought with you to the lake. Every angler knows it is hard to keep things organized out there, therefore, having a checklist is important.

Buy and prepare your bait in advance. Purchasing bait earlier ensures you are fully prepared come fishing season. Remember you are not the only one who enjoys a day of fishing by the lake, so bait shops are bound to run out of stock. In addition, bait prices are likely to rise with increased demand for bait. Therefore, get the bait early when it is cheap and plentiful.

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While out in the lake, always check how the wind affects the water currents. Fish always move with the currents. Therefore, if the wind is blowing downstream it will be a good idea to look for the fishing spot yonder. Fish also accumulate in small water bays or enclosed areas but these spots are only great before the cold winter season. Gauging the areas of rapid currents remains the only way to unearth great fishing spots on a frozen lake.

the lake

Always have a chisel or spud bar with you when heading out to fish. A spud bar also comes in handy when cutting a trail through ice to your favorite fishing spot. There are plenty of budget spud bars on the market. In addition, like your auger blade, ensure your spud bar is well sharpened.

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A heater or propane tank will help keep you warm in the cold weather. Check if your propane tank has enough gas or if you need to replace it. Get an extra propane tank as well to boost your stock. If possible, get a propane tank protector to improve your heater's efficiency and protect the flame from the strong blowing winds. In addition, check that the heater works properly as you stock up on propane.

Do not forget to carry a first aid kit to your fishing escapades. Accidents happen and a first aid kit helps take care of small wounds and can help buy time before rushing the wounded to hospital. You also never how long it will take to get help to your exact fishing location.

Finally, practice some new fishing techniques while out in the lake. It is the only way to become an experienced angler. Try new bait, new fishing tricks or new fishing spots to improve your angling skills. You might just discover a new way to corner that prized herring that always evades you.

5 Top Ice Fishing Gloves On Market

As a seasoned angler, keeping my hands warm and dry is a priority while fishing in cold waters. These Glacier gloves not only deliver on this but also have a great gripping ability. They are made from neoprene, a tough rubber that can withstand cold weather.

The surface of the glove is conveniently textured for better gripping. Not only do I have a firm hold on my reel, I will never again suffer the pain of watching my precious catch slip back into the water. These Glacier ICE Bay gloves are also 100% waterproof and have a fleece lining inside for added warmth.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Lined with fleece on the inside for extra warmth
  • Textured surface for a better grip


  • Neoprene’s toughness limits mobility
  • Textured surface for a better grip
  • I love these ice-fishing mittens for one reason; they make working with neoprene gloves easy. They are designed from a more advanced neoprene known as Yamamoto neoprene. This type of rubber is not only water resistant but it also does not easily puncture or succumb to wear and tear.

    These premium Glacier waterproof gloves extend beyond the wrist line to fit better on your hands and keep them warm. The knuckles are pre-curved to enhance mobility while the palms are textured for better gripping.


    • Made from a more advanced Yamamoto Neoprene rubber
    • Knuckles are curved to improve hand movement
    • The gloves are textured for better gripping
    • Completely resistant to water
    • Withstands wear and tear
    • Extends before the wrist for added protection


    • Quite pricey
    • List Element
    • List Element
  • The gloves are textured for better gripping
  • Completely resistant to water
  • Withstands wear and tear
  • Extends before the wrist for added protection
    • Quite pricey

    Many anglers assume they only need to mind their hands getting wet when they get to the fishing spot. One fact that is always overlooked is that ice-fishing gloves can also get wet on the way to the lake. Therefore, you need the kind of ice fishing gloves that keep you warm and dry all the way.

    The Rapala fisherman gloves are designed to do just that. They are designed to be both waterproof and windproof. They have wrist fastenings to make the glove fit snugly and prevent water from entering. I would say these gloves are high performing for two reasons: they protect your hands from getting wet on the lake and also from natural elements like a cold humid atmosphere.


    • Completely waterproof and windproof
  • Offers protection from natural elements like rain or cold humid weather
  • Has wrist fasteners for a perfect fit
  • Made from a soft material that also acts as a nose wipe
  • Cons

    • Some people find them uncomfortable

    It is expected that ice-fishing gloves will keep your hands warm in cold weather. However, it can often get really cold out there. What you need is a pair of fishing gloves designed for such extreme freezing temperatures. The Clam Ice Armor gloves are designed for that purpose. Their highlight feature is the thinsulate shell, known to be the toughest material on the market that withstands frosting temperatures.

    The glove also comes with a nose wipe pad; very few people think they will have runny nose when fishing, but it happens. The cuffs are designed to fit the wrist and also to keep snow or water from seeping into the gloves. These cuffs can be tightened with either wrist fasteners or an accessory strap.


    • Made from 660-denier nylon shell to withstand freezing temperatures
  • Nose wipe pad to take care of a runny nose
  • 100% waterproof and windproof
  • Cuffs uniquely designed to keep away water and snow
  • Cons

    • A bit expensive

    The Stormr neoprene gloves are designed for those anglers who frequently use braided lines. The frequent friction between the braided line and your hands can take a toll on your gloves. If the glove is not fortified with a tough material, it succumbs to wear and tear. Luckily, the Stormr neoprene gloves are reinforced with Kevlar at the finger and thumb tips.

    This not only improves the grip on fishing lines but also protects the glove from tearing. The 2mm neoprene rubber material is held together by seams that are stitched and glued. The glove's inner layer is lined with warm fleece while the palm is textured for perfect gripping.


    • Finger and thumb tips reinforced with Kevlar for durability
  • Made from neoprene rubber reinforced with glued stitch seams
  • Fleece lining on the inner glove for added warmth
  • Palms are textured for perfect grip
  • Withstands damage from braided fishing lines
  • Cons

    • May limit mobility of the knuckles


    I would say the major competition here is between the Glacier fishing gloves and the Premium Glacier Waterproof gloves. The features of both ice fishing gloves stand out. Glacier fishing gloves are made from quality materials. On the other hand, the Premium Glacier gloves stand out with their Yamamoto neoprene thinsulate material.

    In my opinion, having a pair of ice fishing gloves that do not tear in icy fishing conditions is a great benefit. However, how will I know if my fleeced fishing gloves will still keep me warm when temperatures hit -50 degrees? I can only get that assurance from the Premium Glacier gloves and for me that is a win.

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