5 Factors Affect Your Best Fluorocarbon Line: All You Need Too Know!

Fishing is one the most popular activities there are in the great outdoors. It can be done either for recreation in the idle spring or summer seasons, or as a living and means of providing food. Having that said, there are a lot of things you have to prepare to have a great fishing experience, and one of these include the fishing line. Of the many types of fishing line, fluorocarbon is one of the most popular, and further on we’re going to talk about finding the best fluorocarbon line out in the market nowadays.


Why Fluorocarbon?

A lot of us may be familiar with this particular word, given that it is some of the most common set of chemical compounds. Common examples of fluorocarbon materials include those found in non-stick pans, as well as those found in aerosol sprays. Unbeknownst to many, these fluorocarbons exist in the fishing industry as well, specifically in the form of polyvinylidene fluoride.

best fluorocarbon line

There are several kinds of materials from which fishing lines can be made of. The ones you normally find include Dacron, Dyneema, Nylon, and monofilament, apart from fluorocarbon. Each of these kinds of fishing lines, while all having unique properties and are good enough as instruments used in the fishing industry, is made all out of different materials, and therefore, each have different characteristics.

Out of all these, however, the fluorocarbon kind is the most popular one. Despite these best fluorocarbon line being more expensive than other kinds of lines, it is perceived as a better, and more economical alternative to traditional lines, given that you would not have to change them every now and then. Here are more reasons why as to this is so:


This is one of the standout reasons why fluorocarbon type of fishing lines work best for those who fish. Unlike other materials, which may absorb water and in the process increase its own density, the great thing about these fluorocarbon lines is that they do not absorb water at all.

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This prevents additional weight from being added and allows the entire fishing line to have an overall better structural integrity, guaranteeing you longer hours of fishing without the heavy weight which is often borne by those fishing lines that absorb water. The quality and overall “feel” is one which does not change even after several sessions of fishing.

Extra Strong

Extra Strong

Fluorocarbon is one of the most solid, and most rigid kinds of materials used in fishing lines. Its strength could be attributed to the fact that these are resistant to ultraviolet, or UV rays, which are common causes for fishing materials to end up being brittle.

With the best fluorocarbon line, however, these are extra strong in nature as the UV rays simply pass through them, unaffected. Moreover, this extra strong characteristic of fluorocarbon makes them the perfect fishing line for larger fish, as other fishing lines made of other materials could just snap.

Perfect For Underwater Fishing

For fishers, it’s most definitely important to remember that some of these fishes like to stay on the surface, and some of the bigger ones prefer to swim at deeper parts. If you’re fond of fishing in the deeper part, fluorocarbon works best as it has a higher density to that of water, allowing it to sink faster than other materials for fishing would.

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Invisible Fluorocarbon Line

Some fishes just are too intelligent to be tricked by humans. Some of them, on the other hand, are too afraid of things they may deem unusual and are easily startled the moment something else gets introduced into their territory.

What makes fluorocarbons great is that it allows you to easily slip the bait in the water without them being startled by the bright colours that other types of fishing lines may have. The bait on the left side of the picture is tied with Fluorocarbon, while the right side is tied with braid.

High Abrasion Resistance

The great big ocean is home to a lot of elements apart from the fish we catch. In the case of fluorocarbon lines, which are known for their low density and being ideal for use in fishing, it would not be uncommon for them to get in contact with sharp stones found on the ocean floor.

Sometimes, when the weight of the fish that gets caught is huge, chances are it gets in contact with these stones harder, or on sharp and rough parts of the boat. Strings would eventually snap, but fluorocarbons have an abrasion resistance which is high enough to prevent this from happening, thus you can be assured that it would not snap at all.

When Is It Best To Use Flurorocarbon Lines?

It’s important to note that fluorocarbon lines are not the only type of fishing lines there are available. Moreover, as good as a kind of line as they are, the reality is that these fishing lines are fitter for specific applications.

Fluorocarbon is often used as a leader material, rather than as part of the main line itself, given that it’s one with more memory than that of the other lines with different materials. Using these would also spare you from having to make use of sinkers just to make it to the bottom, which would eventually allow you to save more.

Top 5 Best Fluorocarbon Lines

Given the several good properties of fluorocarbon lines and the benefits or choosing them over the others, it’s important to note, nevertheless that these lines, while similar in nature and composition to each other, still vary in terms of quality, given that there are different manufacturers for this. Having said that, here are the 5 best Fluorocarbon lines that you can avail of in the market nowadays.

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best fluorocarbon line

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When it comes to trusted brands, one of those that would most definitely appear on top of the list would be Seaguar, and it claims to be the #1 brand when it comes to fishing lines, as it allows fishermen to catch even the toughest, heaviest fish from the bottom of the ocean.


  • Extra Specific for use in the leader portion
  • Allows for increased sensitivity and therefore, better chance at getting a hold of the catch
  • High resistance to abrasion as well as overall tensile strength for longer hours of fishing
  • Employs the use of DSF, or Double Stranded Fluorocarbon technology for great strength, quicker sinking, and overall better manageability when underwater thanks to better molecular packing.
  • More than 30% stronger knot strength, thus not prone to detangling at all
  • Has diameters of 0.005” to 0.032”
  • Available in lengths that range from 25, 50, or 100 yards, which you could choose from depending upon how often you’re going to use it or how deep you plan to go underwater, allowing for a lot less knotting.


  • Material is deemed too expensive by some and may not be worth the price.
  • Some people may find its use too stiff, especially those who are using it for the mainline
best fluorocarbon line

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Another brand that makes a name for itself is the Kastking Fluorocarbon Fishing Line. While some people don’t mind spending a relatively higher cost for this kind of fishing lines, the great thing about Kastking is that it gives you the best of both worlds by letting you have a strong and solid line that could be used to catch fish weighing a massive 30 lbs., while allowing you to save on costs.


  • Built in Japan as one of the toughest brands around, build for the harshest of fishing conditions.
  • Made with top-of-the-line, advanced Japanese technology and advancements in both technology and engineering.
  • Lower-Diameter Strength Ratio than other brands, which would most definitely allow for more added strength
  • Easy to handle
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Better Resistance to Abrasion to survive the toughest of catches
  • Has distinctly low visibility so as not to startle fishes that tend to swim fast when scared.
  • Available in a whopping 218 yards for a more practical purchase
  • More sensitive to bites, allowing the user to hoist up quicker, the moment it catches the bait.
  • Fluorocarbon Molecule Packing allows for a much faster time to reach the bottom, thus making it effective for deep-sea fishing and the fishing of heavier fishes.
  • More affordable than other alternatives.


  • No obvious cons that would hamper effective fishing to ensue.
best fluorocarbon line

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If stealth and invisibility and style is what you’re looking for, then the P-Line Floroclear Bulk Spool Clear Fishing Line is one which is ideal for you. Here’s a more in-depth look on its pros and cons:


  • Has undergone silicone treatment for added reinforcement.
  • Has reduced stiffness and over-all “memory” of the entire line.
  • Combines the best of what every fisherman wants for fishing line properties, as it is made of a mix of fluorocarbon and copolymers.
  • Refractive Index is much closer to that of water.
  • Significantly thinner, but just as strong as other lines
  • Rolls come in up to 3,000 yards for a single purchase.
  • Comes in various colours while maintaining visibility all throughout.
  • You can be assured that it is free from tangles, loops, given that it is relatively softer than other brands.


  • Others may not like the fact that there is significantly smaller memory compared to other fluorocarbon fishing lines.
  • Not ideal for leader material due to the decreased memory, much better off as a main fishing line instead.
best fluorocarbon line

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This material is a definite standout when we’re talking about strength, as this is one which is sure to remain durable over a really long period of time.


  • Made of pure fluorocarbon material, hence you can be assured of its strength.
  • Remains clear, and has similar index of refraction with water.
  • One of the most popular brands in the US and in Canada.
  • Offers up to 20% more stock strength than previous brands.
  • Abrasion-resistant, weather-proof for added strength and better underwater performance.
  • Guarantees greater, more long-term efficiency.
  • Increased Flexibility, most flexible of all fluorocarbon brands.


  • No Apparent Distinct Cons.
best fluorocarbon line

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Seaguar is one of the best brands which you could avail of for these products, and there is another kind of fishing line under the Seaguar brand. This premier fluorocarbon leader takes strength up a notch, and we are going to know why.


  • 42% better knot strength compared to the Seagar Bluelabel.
  • Also employs DSF, or the Double Structure Fluorocarbon technology which allows for density and heaviness, which are the ideal characteristics of a fluorocarbon leader.
  • Comes in various diameters for either big prey or small prey.
  • Soft and Low-Memory.
  • Much more manageable than standard Fluorocarbon Lines.
  • Employs state-of-the-art level wind technology.


  • Quality does come at a cost as it is more expensive.
  • Low-Memory does not make it a good leader part.


Keeping all of these facts in mind, and being able to choose the perfect fishing line is one of the things you have to put most careful consideration into, as weak fishing lines would make a terrible fishing experience as well, and would cost you a lot in terms of constructing nets and having to buy fishing hooks again. While there may be several alternatives to fluorocarbon fishing lines and other kinds, it would, more often than not boil down to personal preference and availability and relative abundance of supply which would determine as to which kind of fishing line you’d get to make use of.

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