The Best Shirts For Fishing

One of the most common misconceptions commonly believed among fishers is the fact that they think that they could wear anything they want while fishing. This is far from the reality, given that there are several apparels out in the market tailor-made for those who are into fishing. Continue to read on if you want to know what are the best fishing shirts out there.


Microfiber Fishing Shirts: One Of The Best Choices

When it comes to shirts for fishing, one of the best options you ought to consider is the Microfiber Fishing shirt types, and is widely touted to be the one which is perfect for various fishing conditions. Most of the apparel that we would be featuring in this article is made of this material. The following are the common characteristics shared by microfiber fishing shirts:

1. Costs


This particular kind of shirt is the one which greatly varies in terms of price. Having said that, it all really boils down to marketing and branding of the shirt. Nevertheless, you ought to know that the costs of these Microfiber fishing shirts vary greatly, and would depend largely on the brand.

If you're on the lookout for a microfiber shirt, always be wary, therefore, of the brand, specifically in terms of the retail effect, customer and quality service, and the brand value.

In a more specific sense, these shirts would cost you as much as 26 dollars, to as much as $70.

2. Sublimation Print Type

If you are too closely observe these shirts, there actually are 2 kinds, or means in order for this shirt to be printed. Specifically, these 2 kinds are sublimation printing and screen printing. One is perfect for this kind of apparel, while the other one just does not go with it at all. If you’re looking for the perfect one, the sublimation type is the way to go.

screen Print Type

The reason as to why screen printing just does not work is that it prevents the shirt from being entirely breathable, as this kind of printing sticks the ink on top of the shirt. Also, with sweat, it becomes extra sticky and feels weird, and in certain cases even causes itching. In time, these screen-printed shirts would also crack and peel off, and would most definitely look unsightly in the long run, which would be aggravated by the sun’s heat.

For the sublimation type, however, it works because the ink layer is not just stuck on top of the microfiber shirt, but rather, is “burned in”, which is a method which is indeed, unique in t-shirt printing. This guarantees a much better quality for prints, without all of the unnecessary nuances which are brought about by screen printing methods.

Sublimation Print Type

3. UPF Ratings

As with sunblock, UPF Ratings also shield you from the harsh rays of the sun, but this time around, blocks both UVA and UVB. UPF is the major means by which this is measured. The higher this rating, then the more the guarantee that we are protected against these rays. A "Very Good" UV Protection is mainly characterized by having a percentage block of 96 to 97.4%.

4. Order Protection Features

One of the early disadvantages associated with the use of "dri-fit" clothes was that they allow bacteria to proliferate, and thus body odor has become a very alarming issue, as there are several instances when the odor does not actually disappear for weeks and weeks, and with several washes, still never really disappears. Nowadays, it's a good thing that these performance shirts have an odor and anti-microbial features which prevent you from smelling bad.

5. Dri-Fit or Wicking

In order for your fishing shirt to be either "wicking" or "dri-fit", it should not be made of cotton. These kinds of clothes are made of synthetic fabrics and are either made of 90-100% polyester, with a mix of either Nylon, Elastane, or Spandex. All of these clothes allow your skin to "breathe", and thus allowing it not to be soaked with sweat, keeping you comfortable, especially when you go out to fish in hot summer nights.

6. Tag-less

Fishing shirts

This is one of the most important features of microfiber shirts you have to consider. The reason for this is that tags often end up making your neck itch, especially if you wear it for long hours under the heat of the sun. This itch would then eventually lead to irritation in some cases, especially among those with hypersensitive skin. Always make it a point to invest in a shirt brand wherein the brand, or label is heat sealed at the back side.

7. Other Features

There are several other features of these shirts which you still have to consider. These include softness, preferred design, and if the shirt that you want is either long or short sleeve. Besides, you should consider buying fishing hat as bush hat or military boonie hat, and angling glasses.

5 Best Fishing Shirts & Fishing Hoodies

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best fishing shirts


The fishing apparel made by Southern Fin is made with all of the necessary considerations possible, always keeping in mind the welfare of their customers, keeping in mind that indeed, fishing is more than just a hobby, but rather, is a way of life for others. Because of this, users are guaranteed of the quality and comfort that this apparel can bring every time it gets worn for fishing.


  • Made for both Sexes: The Southern Fin Apparel performance leaves you with less of a headache in terms of fashion, given that its apparel is designed to fit not just males, but females as well. This saves people of either sex from having to look for sex-appropriate gear, as this one is designed for both.
  • Sweat-Proof Materials: This special fishing shirt by southern fin apparel is made of 100% Dri-Fit Microfiber which helps to ward sweat away. Thanks to this, you are kept comfortable and dry no matter how hot the environment may be.
  • High UPF Protection: If you’re into long hours of fishing in a day, then you ought to invest in a shirt which allows you to do exactly just that under the heat of the sun. This shirt by Southern Fin Apparel has a UPF Sun Protection of 50+ which allows you to stay protected from the harsh UVA and UVB rays which are very much damaging to the skin.
  • Soft and Comfortable: One of the major things associated with this kind of cloth is the fact that it feels soft and thus would make you want to wear it for long periods of time.


  • So far, there have been no negative aspects associated with the use of this brand of shirt.
best fishing shirts


If you wish to spare yourself from the hassle of having to apply deodorant to prevent your armpits from swelling, as well as putting on sticky sunblock in order for you to not worry about your skin burning under the hot sun when fishing, then you might as well invest in an apparel that's protective of your skin. The following are the more specific "Pros" of choosing the All-American Fishing Ultimate Dri-Fit Fishing shirt for your fishing apparel needs.


  • UPF 30+, Long Sleeve: The good thing about the All-American Fishing Ultimate Dri-Fit is the fact that it has a UPF rating of 30+, which means that it has a great ability to block not just UVA rays, but UVB rays as well, which are both harmful in the long run. Moreover, it's a long sleeve apparel, hence the arms are covered up properly as well.
  • Stylish-Looking: If you want to look stylish with every fishing session, then worry no more, for the All-American Fishing Ultimate Dri Fit comes in as many as 4 tee designs with unique graphic features which would definitely cater to people's various sense of style. Not only are these styles great for men, but for women as well. It would make you stand out, given that the graphics appear on all sides of the sleeve, not leaving anything bare on the shirt.
  • Smell Good, Feel Good: If you worry about sweating things out in and eventually stinking, then worry no more, for the dri fit microfiber wards off moisture from you, allowing you to stay cool and dry even in the middle of the sea. This particular kind of fabric prevents bacterial growth as well, thus effectively preventing body odor throughout the trip. Because of this, you’d also feel good and comfortable no matter how wet or sweaty you could get.
best fishing shirts


If you’re on the lookout for a fishing shirt that allows for quick sweat and moisture evaporation, then the Guy Harvey Dorado Pro UVX performance Long Sleeve Shirt is made of the most intricate technologies in shirt making, made to prevent body odor as well as the harmful effects of sun exposure. This is because it’s made of 100% Pure polyester, with a pure LS knit as well.


  • Layers are Breathable: Having a fully breathable shirt allows you to remain comfortable throughout the fishing session, as these layers would allow air to flow through freely. The layers are also breathable because of it being hydrophobic, which somehow acts like a pump to move the moisture out. The fabric is also very lightweight, which explains why it’s very breathable as well. This is thanks to the fact that it’s made of 100% Polyester. Because of these layers being breathable, it also dries quickly when washed, or even when you sweat.
  • Blocks most UV Rays: UV rays, as we all know are harmful not just to the skin, but could also damage our DNA to some extent. Because of this, there already are several products out in the market nowadays that are designed to either block or filter out these harmful rays. The Guy Harvey Dorado Pro UVX performance Long Sleeve Shirt blocks as much as 96% of all these rays, thanks to a UPF 30+ protection rating that it has as well.
best fishing shirts


If you're looking for a cool fishing shirt which stays artsy as artsy can be, while keeping all the ideal characteristics of a shirt for fishing, then the Guy Harvey Sailfish Pro UVX Performance Long Sleeve Shirt is the best one for you. The reason for this is that it allows your skin to breathe underneath, ward off sweat, thanks to the hydrophobic fabric layer, and keep things light. The following are unique features of the Guy Harvey Sailfish Pro UVX.


  • Made of 100% Pure Polyester: This is the reason as to why this fishing shirt is one which is breathable, hydrophobic, and most importantly, cool. Unlike other shirts that have a mix of other resin types, which could affect the overall comfort that the shirt brings. Moreover, with the shirt being made of pure polyester, you can be assured that it’s fully breathable, light, and of course, of good quality.
  • Artsy, Stylish: Guy Harvey is one of the most reputable styles of art and shirt designs there are, and this is the kind of art form which you could find on these shirts. Who says fishing shirts ought to be boring? These shirts all have a unique style to them, making fishing a fashionable thing to do.
  • Effective Protection from UV Rays: Just like other brands, the Guy Harvey Sailfish Pro UVX Performance Long Sleeve Shirt helps provide you with a UPF protection rating of 30+, which helps to effectively block the sun’s harmful rays from getting on your skin.
best fishing shirts


Last, but definitely not the least on this list of best shirts for you to use is the two sailfish deep sea fishing saltwater fish long sleeve t-shirt, and stands out in more ways than one.


  • Minimalist and Stylish Design: The design found on the two sailfish deep sea fishing saltwater fish long sleeve t-shirt is simple as it ought to be, with a logo at the front, and a print at the back, given that this kind of apparel need not be that fancy. If you're into minimalist prints and designs, then this is the perfect choice for you.
  • Fit for Both Sexes: While other fishing shirts are made to be exclusively worn either for just males or just females, the good thing about the two sailfish deep sea fishing saltwater fish long sleeve t-shirt is that its sizing is unisex, hence you would not find it such a huge problem for anyone to wear it.
  • Pure Cotton: Unlike other fishing shirts that are made of polyester, the two sailfish deep sea fishing saltwater fish long sleeve t-shirt is made of cotton, which some people find much more comfortable to wear rather than polyester. If you are more comfortable with the natural feel there is to cotton wear, then this is the perfect one for you.


two man fishing

Fishing shirts aren’t a big issue among those who are into fishing. As a matter of fact, some people even brave the waters half-naked, or clad in simple tank tops! If you wish to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays, however, then making use of any of these shirts is definitely the way to go. There is no clear winner of this entire review, given that there are absolutely no clear disadvantages of using one apparel or another, and all that really matters when it comes to fishing shirts is that you’re comfortable with it.

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