Proven Tips On How To Choose The Best Fishing Hat

A fishing hat is one of the most important accessories to have as an angler. Wearing the best fishing hat to your angling escapades not only ensures that you stay comfortable, but it also protects your skin from harsh environmental conditions. There are several factors to consider when buying a fishing hat, including your personal preferences and the fishing conditions of the area you are in.


What Makes A Good Fishing Hat?

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  • Fishing hats help prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your skin. In addition, they protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as fishing sunglasses, which could interfere with visibility while fishing. When it is too hot, the fishing hat keeps your head cool. When it rains, your angling hat ensures your head remains dry as you patiently wait for that prized walleye.
  • I have also seen anglers use their fishing hats as storage for baits and lures. While I may consider this as an advantage, I would, however, advise against it. Do not store hooks and baits on your fishing hat unless you know how to do it professionally. It may lead to unwanted head injuries that will ruin your perfect fishing day.
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Types Of Fishing Hats And Their Features

The type of fishing hat you buy should be able to meet your needs as an angler. This could be a wide brimmed Boonie or the classic baseball cap with a mesh at the back. The best fishing hats should not only keep you cool or dry, but they should also compliment your personality and psyche you up for that first catch of the prized northern pike.

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There are many styles of fishing hats in the market but we can narrow them down to four main types: The trucker or mesh cap hats, baseball caps, bush hats, bucket hats, and the military boonies. I am going to explain each of these hats further so you get a clear understanding of what they are like.

The trucker or mesh cap hats are what I see with most amateur anglers. These are easy to find on the market, cheap to buy and do a decent job in keeping your head cool when the sun is scorching. They look like baseball caps but characterized by a breathable mesh-like rare. They can also be worn under any garment like a hoodie or raincoat and still feel comfortable.

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Baseball caps differ from the trucker hats because they have a closed up rear. They are also great for keeping your head cool and protecting the eyes from the sun’s glare. However, I do not think they are the best for combating a cold rainy weather. Fortunately, you can also wear them under any garment, so carry a raincoat with you in case the rain starts to pour heavily. Alternatively, they can be purchased with a detachable rear shawl to protect the ears and neck from exposure to the sun.

Bush hats have a wide brim encircling the whole hat. These are an ideal choice for anglers because they offer adequate sunray protection from all angles. They are also made from a tough, durable, and waterproof material. Unfortunately, the wide brim prevents you from wearing the bush hat underneath any garment. However, you can also attach a rear protective shawl onto them.

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The bucket hats look almost like the bush hats but the brim is relaxed and spreads downwards. These are not only great for safari but also ideal when fishing for a trout. They are made from a softer material that is easy to wash and fold to fit your pocket or angling box.

The military boonie is what many anglers would define as the crème of angling hats. They look exactly like the bucket hats, but the brim is stiffer. They are made from 100% cotton and have screen vents to keep them breathable. Military boonies also have chin straps to hold them steady and the crown has loops for camouflage and provides convenient storage for hooks and baits.

Five Best Fishing Hats In The Market

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This fishing hat delivers in both style and comfort. It is a one-size-fits-all hat, which means that you can share it with your wife or kids. The entire angling hat is made up of 100% nylon to protect the hat from shrinking or losing shape with repeated use.

The Adams Headwear Fishing hat is also quite lightweight weighing only 4 ounces. To make sure you stay protected from harmful UV rays, this angling hat is built from Omni-shade UPF 50 to block the harsh effects of UV rays by 98%.

The Adams Headwear Fishing hat also sports a mesh-like ventilation panel to boost its breathability. An Omni-wick sweatband provides additional ventilation and absorbs all the sweat from your forehead preventing it from reaching your eyes. If you spend hours out in the sun patiently waiting for a catch like me, this might be the kind of angling hat to invest in.

Do you need the Adams Headwear Fishing hat to fit both you and your kid? No problem, just use the adjustable cord with a toggle at the back to resize the crown until it fits the head perfectly. Also inclusive is an adjustable chin strap to hold the hat steady against those strong lakeside winds. You can get this hat in various colors including fossil, navy, white, sage, and collegiate.


  • Comes in different color shades.
  • Adjustable to fit all head sizes.
  • 98% protection from harmful UV rays.


  • The hat may be too small or too big for some head types.

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If you like gaiter style hats, the Dealstock Fishing hat might be just what you are looking for. You can buy it in cloudy grey, khaki, flamingo grey, or shady pin, and is available for both men and women. One thing that stood out for me on this angling hat is its ability to block the scorching heat as well as those annoying flies that always hover around your catch.

The Dealstock Fishing hat is a basic baseball hat that transforms into a convenient boonie when you add the protective detachable elements. It has a rear hood-like covering that protects your neck as well as the ears. At the front is a face scarf that wraps your face from the eyes down and includes a breathing muzzle. I cannot think of better protection from those annoying flies or gnats that come uninvited to my fishing boat.

At the front, is a bill large enough to block UV rays and the sun's reflections. A strong durable chin strap attaches to both sides of the crown to ensure the boonie stays on your head at all times. On the sides of the hat are ventilation panels that keep the hat cool even in the hottest weather. At the back is an adjustable strap to resize the hat to fit your head or that of your wife or kid.

What stands out for me on this hat is the ability to detach everything and leave behind a wearable baseball cap. You can wear it while shopping for new baits in town then throw in the protective elements once you get down to some serious deep-water fishing.


  • Protect one from the sun’s heat, reflections, as well as stubborn insects.
  • Detachable Protective elements.
  • Serves as both an angling and street hat


  • Detachable elements are not adjustable thus may not fit all head sizes.

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A baseball cap that immediately morphs into a protective boonie, this Summer Sun hat by Page One stands out for its multi-functionality. It is the type of hat I would wear when camping with a tent or during my outdoor adventures like hiking, cycling, or fishing! When I take off the protective layer, it immediately becomes a lovely cap to wear at the beach.

This Summer Sun hat features a quick-drying removable shawl that acts as a sunscreen for your neck and ears. At the front, is a breathable face protector to cover your face from dust or roaming insects. The entire hat is made from 100% polyester, a fabric that maintains its shape with repeated washing and dries quickly when wet.

The Summer Sun 360° hat is also UPF rated and provides 98% protection from harmful UVA and UBV rays. It comes in an army green color, which ensures that you remain hidden when sporting for fish that are sensitive to shiny objects. You can also get the hat in other colors including khaki, dark gray, light gray, and pink.

One other factor I would mention is how lightweight the hat feels on the head. It is quite breathable as well even when you wear it under a raincoat; in case you forget the detachable elements.


  • Comes in different colors of dark gray, light gray, army green, khaki and pink.
  • Protective rear shawl and breathable face mask for 360° protection.
  • Lightweight and perfect for all outdoor activities.


  • The back shawl may be too short to effectively cover the whole neck.

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Designed to fit all head types, the Omechy Camouflage Fishing hat is what I would recommend to any angler who hates washing their hat regularly. This angling hat solves the problem of shrinking and distortion caused by repeated washing or wearing.

The Omechy Camouflage Fishing hat is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. The cotton helps the polyester absorb moisture to keep the head cool and dry. On the other hand, the polyester reinforces the cotton, makes it stain resistant, and prevents it from losing its original shape.

So now, I can comfortably wash my hat without the worry of it shrinking or wrinkling to the point of losing its original shape. On the mesh-like part of the hat are four holes that provide additional ventilation during hot weather. The Omechy Camouflage Fishing hat is held on your head securely by the adjustable straps made from a durable material.

Some fish are spooked by excessive light or shiny objects above the water. This camouflage hat comes in several colors including grey, blue, khaki, and army.


  • Comes in a variety of camouflage colors.
  • Does not shrink or wrinkle.
  • Designed for all head types


  • The headband may not fully absorb moisture.
  • The hat may not be UPF rated.

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For the angler who cares about how they look as well as their comfort while fishing, this could be the right hat for you. The Gadiemenss Fishing hat is designed like a classic sailor’s cap. In fact, the finishing on the crown and brim makes it a perfect sailing hat when you are not sporting for any trout or pike.

The hat is designed from 85% wool and about 15% polyester. The polyester is designed to keep the hat from losing its original shape. The wool makes the hat super warm and an ideal hat to wear when fishing in rainy, windy, or snowy weather conditions. The fabric is water-resistant and does not easily dampen. This would be a great replacement for my old hats that grew mildew or molded from soaking in too much water.

The Gadiemenss Fishing hat comes in black, navy, brown, and ecru shades. Around the crown is a faux leather sweatband that prevents sweat from reaching your brows. This hat is washable by hand and the fabric is soft enough to fold and store away neatly in your tackle box.


  • Easy to wash by hand.
  • Foldable.
  • Designed for angling as well as other fashionable occasions.
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Design may not suit everyone’s style.


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I can comfortably say the clear winner of the best angling hat is the Outzie fishing hat because of how easy it fits as a fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, and lifestyle hat. The fact that the Outzie fishing hat is made from cotton also sets it apart from the other hats I have reviewed. A hat made from cotton is a great choice to keep me cool as I spend hours fishing out in the sun during summer. Secondly, I appreciate that I can jump out of my angling gear, throw in an evening jacket, and still wear the hat in the streets without looking out of place.

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