Top Features Of The Best Fishing Gloves

Like any other fishing gear such as fishing shoes and headlamps, fishing gloves are extremely important if you plan to fish on ice or for larger fish. The best fishing gloves provide protection against the elements and large aggressive fish that might snap off a finger. There are many types of fishing gloves on the market and some are more durable and effective than others. Fishing gloves can be used in both cold and warm weather. This gear has features that allow you to fish at your finest and can be bought at any fishing or outdoor shop.


Importance Of Fishing Gloves

Although fishing gloves are essential gear, many people do not consider them when thinking of buying standard fishing gear. Certainly, some fishing gear such as waders and boots are given greater priority when buying items for a fishing adventure. Once you have put all the items you consider necessary for a fishing trip, even then you might consider fishing without gloves. To be honest, I was not so keen on fishing gloves until a bad experience in the cold trying to catch a steelhead taught me the importance of fishing gloves.

Importance Of Fishing Gloves

I am quite a passionate angler and even freezing temperatures cannot stop me from ice fishing. Therefore, I often ensure that I bring the right equipment with me. I once tried to tie a knot with numb fingers and realized that not having fishing gloves does not really improve my experience. Using fishing gloves can help keep your fingers warm enough during those fishing adventures. In the long run, you will find it as easy to tie knots with them.

Speaking of which, fishing gloves may not feel natural the first time you wear them. Using fishing gloves the first time felt awkward, my hands felt larger, and it was quite difficult for me to do some things with my hands. I felt like taking them off immediately.

However, I had to keep them on because of the cold and got so used to them that I completely forgot I was wearing them. I used to take them off in the beginning so that I can tie knots. However, I learnt to tie knots without taking them off with time.

Importance Of Fishing Gloves

That said, you do not have to confine yourself to using fishing gloves only when it is cold. Consider using them even when it is slightly cold to give the chance to practice using them. This will help you learn how to use fishing gloves when it is really cold and you do not have the option of taking them off. With time and a little bit of practice, you will find it easier to spend hours outside fishing outside with being limited by numb and cold hands.

Types Of Fishing Gloves

Anglers are often overwhelmed by the huge selection of fishing gloves available on the market. Each type of fishing glove comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

 Full Gloves

This is one of the best options if you plan to fish during cold weather. You want to have the best insulation when fishing in freezing conditions. The difference between full and fingerless gloves when fishing in cold weather can be quite significant. Some full gloves feature slits that allow you to poke your fingers through them and tie knots easily.

Types Of Fishing Gloves Full Gloves

Full gloves provide better insulation because they cover the entire hand leaving no room for the freezing cold to come in contact with your skin.

 Fingerless Gloves

These types of gloves only cover half the fingers and some do not even have fingers at all. They are not the best for cold weather but come with the additional benefit of allowing motor skills. Fingerless gloves allow you to tie knots as easily as usual. Many anglers prefer using this type of glove because they allow you to feel the fishing line directly on your fingers.

They also eliminate the problem of worn down casting fingers. If you will not be fishing in extremely cold conditions, but need something to keep your hands relatively warmer, fingerless gloves would be the best option for you. Some people use them because they provide protection from UV rays when fishing in sunny environments.

Types Of Fishing Gloves Fingerless Gloves

 Convertible Gloves

This type of glove provides the best compromise between full and fingerless gloves. They can easily be modified to different conditions and have foldable top parts that allow you to tie knots if you feel uncomfortable tying knots with gloves.

Glove Materials And Their Benefits

It is important to know that there is a clear difference between fishing gloves and gloves for handling fish. The latter is designed for handling fish for processing so that it can provide protection from knife cuts and prevent accidents that could occur while cleaning fish.

On the other hand, fishing gloves are not designed for processing fish and are often noticeably thinner to allow you to execute motor skills. Fishing gloves can be made from different materials each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


This material is commonly used to make waders and wetsuits and is a popular glove material for fishing gloves. Neoprene provides excellent insulation even when wet, which is a significant difference compared to other materials that become wet once soaked. Gloves made from neoprene are usually thicker than those made from different materials. However, it may be difficult to perform certain motor skills with the gloves on and you may have to remove them for certain tasks. The thickness of neoprene gloves ranges from 1-3mm.

The thickness of neoprene gloves can affect their longevity, especially around the casting finger. You will often notice that the gloves wear down faster around the casting finger, especially if you use braided line.

Neoprene gloves that are 3mm thick are suitable for ice fishing because they prevent your hands from being constantly wet and will keep them warm enough.

Neoprene Gloves

Your best bet against hook and knife cuts. Via

An important fact to know about neoprene gloves is that they often take longer to dry once they become soaked, which can be quite annoying. Consider using a pair made from fleece because it can quickly be wrung out to make them completely dry. It is also worth knowing that neoprene gloves do not shrink with time. Therefore, consider getting comfortable neoprene gloves because tight ones might limit blood circulation and make your hands cool down.


Fleece fishing gloves

Nothing takes from a day out fishing than having cold hands. Via

This material is often used to make jackets and is known for its excellent insulation even during freezing weather. However, fishing gloves that are not waterproof will eventually become wet and limit the insulating effects of the fleece. If your fleece gloves become wet, just wring them out and put them back on.

Fleece fishing gloves often come with DWR coating, which is also a feature of Gore-Tex gloves. This feature keeps them waterproof, which means that fleece fishing gloves can effectively keep your hands dry. In addition, this type of fishing glove can provide effective protection against the wind. If you choose Gore-Tex gloves, you will have the advantage of breathable material that can prevent sweating in warmer weather.


This is one of the most popular materials for classic fishing gloves. They were quite popular in the past and can still keep hands warm and insulated. The main disadvantage of wool fishing gloves is that they soak up very fast and do not effectively block out the wind. On the other hand, they provide decent insulation even when completely wet.

Features To Look For In Fishing Gloves

 Finger Slits

Consider choosing fishing gloves with finger slits to allow you to poke your fingers through. This feature can make your life easier, especially if you have a problem tying knots. Although you will eventually get used to tying knots even with your gloves on, it does not cost extra to have fishing gloves with this feature.

Features To Look For In Fishing Gloves Finger Slits

 Enhanced Grip

Features To Look For In Fishing Gloves Enhanced Grip

An important feature in good fishing gloves is gloves with enhanced grip on the palms. The hands provide excellent grip, but you probably may not want to touch spiny fish with your bare hands. Gloves provide extra protection when handling fish. Gloves made from rubber and leather can provide enhance grip when fishing.


Your hands begin to lose warmth once they come in contact with cold water. Using waterproof gloves can be quite resourceful, especially if you have to slowly release fish back into the water. In such situations, your hands will probably enter the water for a few seconds to release the fish. Waterproof gloves will often do the trick if you have to keep your hands dry. Be sure to pick waterproof gloves with tight collars and long sleeves to prevent water from coming in contact with your hands.

5 Best Fishing Gloves In My Experience

This glove is designed to protect your hands from the elements, especially when removing hooks. You can easily cut your hands when trying to remove fishhooks without putting on some gloves.

The lindy fishing glove features armor technology that can help prevent cuts from happening to your hands. The glove can deflect knives, hooks, and even teeth. In addition, it will not take on fish odor.

What I Liked

  • Makes it easy for anglers to handle and clean fish in a safe manner
  • Highly flexible
  • Tough and durable
  • Materials protects against cuts and stabs

What I Didn’t Like

  • May be quite difficult to tie some flies with the gloves on

This glove has a fingerless design, which provides greater grip when cleaning or handling fish. In addition, they are waterproof and will keep your hands warm during cold weather. These gloves are designed for unpredictable weather.

Its palm areas are made from fleece to provide extra grip. The back area of the glove is windproof to keep your hands warm and protect it from the wind. Its fingerless design gives you the dexterity to work as you would without a glove.

With these gloves, your hands will stay dry and insulated throughout your fishing adventure.

What I Liked

  • Made from neoprene with fleece lining for added insulation
  • Fleece back to protect against the wind
  • Fingerless to enhance dexterity

What I Didn’t Like

  • May be quite expensive
best fishing gloves


These gloves are made from neoprene to enhance their durability. It features slits between fingers that allow you to move your fingers without any problems. In addition, the gloves come with a curved finger design to keep your fingers from getting tired.

In addition, the gloves have a strap on the wrist to make them fit snugly and perfectly. This glove can be used in all kinds of fishing conditions. The gloves are suitable for use in warm weather.

What I Liked

  • Made from neoprene to enhance durability
  • Slit fingers enhances dexterity
  • Precurved fingers help to minimize fatigue
  • Wrist straps for a snug fit

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for cold fishing conditions

These gloves provide effective protection from the elements including UV rays. They are suitable for people with sensitive fingers and help them look more youthful and minimize aging of the skin on the hands.

Its seams are double stitched to enhance durability and prevent the gloves from crumbling even after being washed multiple times. In addition, their Velcro wrist straps help to provide a snug and perfect fit. The gloves are so light they can be carried in your back pocket.

These are multi-purpose gloves that can be used for fishing, biking, gardening, and kayaking. To determine the best size for you, measure the widest part of your palm in two areas: above the thumb and under the little finger. In case you are not sure about your glove size, go for smaller instead of larger to accommodate stretch.

What I Liked

  • Double stitched seams enhance durability
  • Protects from the elements including UV rays
  • Lightweight

What I Didn’t Like

  • May not be suitable for ice fishing

These gloves are made from reinforced material to keep your hands safe and protected against the elements. The material has great friction to enhance grip and prevent fish from slipping out of your hands.

Even large fish will not slip out of your grip. Its Velcro cuffs help to keep the gloves attached.

What I Liked

  • Double-reinforced thumb, index, and middle fingers
  • Made from breathable material to keep the hands cool
  • Velcro closures for a snug fit
  • Comfortable

What I Didn’t Like

  • Cannot be used for ice fishing

Of all the gloves that I have reviewed, Glacier glove premium fishing glove stands out because it is durable thanks to its neoprene material, has slits to enhance durability, and can be used in a wide range of fishing conditions.

I hope you found this article useful. Please share it with your friends and followers on social media. You may also share your experiences using various types of fishing gloves in the comments section.

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