59 Best Fishing Blogs You Need To Watch Out Now

THE BEST Fishing blogs

The ocean is too spacious, the network world, too. It is difficult to determine the proper website, which is suitable for what you are looking for, especially, if you are a fishing angler.

You want to become a pro fisherman, don’t you? Well, what should you find? Having said that, you simply like fishing, right? Where is a right option for you? In another case, you that are a fishing beginner. So, How?

Yes, there are many things that make you confused. It understands this, so we decide to introduce the excellent blogs of fishing to you.

If you recognize which website is suitable, don’t afraid to follow right away. Here are…


David Walker Fishing

You are taking the path of professional fishing, aren’t you? Well, David Walker is a mirror for you to learn.

He joined a lot of big and small tournaments. In 1996, he started the bass fishing career. Throughout 20 years of career, his fishing talent has been recognized. He appears on many television networks and the magazines.

There is no denial that David is rich in the knowledge of fishing. The website named him – DavidWalkerFishing always welcomes those who love bass fishing.

Keith Poche

The injury cannot beat someone’s wills. Keith Poche has shown this one. The passion with football is uncompleted because of the injury on the shoulder. Hence, he found a new love – fishing.

After joining a couple of local tournaments and achieving the certain results, he is now an experienced angler. Keith Poche shows that nothing is limited if we actually try.

KeithPoche.com is his website with desiring to fire the passion! Don’t give up when still possible!

Randall Tharp

We know that not victory is easy. Randall Tharp has shown that. He overcame a challenging season in 2015. But, the level is forever. Finally, he also won in the next year.

Yes, the fishing tournaments are always difficult. If you want to join, you need both the knowledge and skill.

What Randall Tharp overcome are shared on RandyTharp.com, including, the videos, news, and his own stories, which will be helpful for you.

Matt Lee

It will be great if you find a partner or those who have the same hobby and passion of fishing.

It learns and progresses together – Matt’s norm, who is a blogger. He sets up MattLeeFishing with desiring to support the new anglers, who are struggling.

Several persons feel difficult to learn from the professional anglers, instead, they find someone with the same age, level or the higher level a bit. If those include you, Matt can be a right partner.

Ott Defoe

Why do you love the bass fishing? For F. Defoe, after traveling to Okeechobee when he was young, his love for bass fishing started.

Though he joined plenty of tournaments, he did not achieve more success. However, that could not make him stop trying. Finally, he had won for 3 years – 2012, 2013, and 2014.

F. Defoe did, you, too. If you actually like bass fishing, you can learn right now. Let’s turn impossible into possible!

ED Win Evers

You not only have the passion but also want to challenge yourself. Furthermore, you want to know where your limit is, right? A tournament will say all.

Look at the webmaster of the EDWinEvers, he has gradually conquered the difficulties. Then, he is getting the certain achievements through the tournaments. The Elite season in 2017, he still wins.

He can, so why you cannot. In what way can he do these ones? Follow his web and you will find the desired answer.

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing


Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing was founded in 2003. By 2013, it received the approval from Orvis, in which provides the best fishing operations in North America areas.

Coming to Mossycreekflyfishing, with the knowledgeable staff, you will be planned to get a memorable trip.

You are also easy to find the popular products through their online store and can experience the best fly that fishing Virginia provides. There are what Brian & Colby Trow want to bring their customers.

Casa Blanca Fishing

When mentioning to the top fly-fishing places, we cannot ignore two these names – Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca. Both belong Punta Pájaros, but Playa is located on the private island while Casa is situated on the northern tip. With the vivid pictures and the interesting experience, you will have an overall view of the whole scene here.

Aside from that, Casablancefishing also shares the waters, the species, which seasons are suitable for fishing,… Thanks to that, you can plan properly.

Tall Timber’s Fishing Blog


Tall Timber’s Fishing Blog

It can say that Tall Timber is an ideal place for the couples that desire to have a wonderful vacation.

Apart from the individual services such as massage and rest, you are experienced the interesting fishing. Whatever you know or do not know how to fish, you still get the specific guide.

Even, there is the “Simplified Fly Fishing class for novices without having more experience. You can check TallTimberFishing to determine their lineup. What a great it is!

The Fly Fisher


The Fly Fisher

Denver is the capital and the largest city in the US state of Colorado. Not you only see the beautiful sceneries but the fly-fishing trips also contribute to creating the differences.

Here! Here! TheFlyFisher includes a strict release, along with the barbless hook policy, so it makes sure that you will be able to have the personalized fly-fishing trips, classes, schools, or even reports with the best preparation.

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports


Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

The Flyfisher Group provides a free service while The Flyfisher Guide Service and fishermen all around the Colorado state support. Colorado FlyFishingReport constantly provides the fly-fishing reports.

You can access anytime in order to find the necessary information. Every four hours, they will update the reports, including, the weather, waters, time, duration,…

Looking at these data, you can define the ideal time to go fishing. Remember that all are free. It is so good, right?

Trout Unlimited


Trout Unlimited

It seems that no more people know about Trout Unlimited. But, in fact, TU has operated throughout 50 years.

It is noticed that it does not distinguish the levels of society and government, so the numbers of fishermen that join are more and more.

They come to TU as contributing to protecting the wild world.

With the criterion: Take care of the fish, then the fishing will take care of itself, the TU not only brings you closer to the wild nature but also guide how to protect it.

Fishing World

The life is the trips. Consequently, it is certain that you will want to spend more time to learn about the surrounding world, right?

The fishing trip is interesting enough, isn’t it? Yes, the huge species, the exciting experience, or the real video will be found on FishingWorld. It sounds as the world zoomed out.

In addition, you are still guided how to fish, use the boat, choose the necessary things for your fishing trip, and more. All are very true because there are experiences. Do you like it?

Oregon Fly Fishing Blog


Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

Fishing does not stop catching. It is important that it also needs to make sure a clean energy resource. But, many people consider this as a hobby.

To contribute to protecting and restoring the species in McKenzie River, in particular, salmon, OregonFlyFishing Blog has given the guides as well as the strict regulation.

Apart from, there still have the annual auctions. If desired, you can take part in right away.

Fish and Fly

Quickly known, FishandFly is one of few fishing webs created with the purpose, which brings the useful information online for fishermen because they did not have plenty of options at that time (before 2000).

The website provides the latest news from place to place, not only fly fishing.

When accessing to Fish&Fly, you can still discover countless games in both fresh and saltwater and the new lands from Africa to Asia. What attractive!

Fishing Tackle Retailer


Fishing Tackle Retailer

The vast outside world is waiting for you, who discover. Only with the big ocean, you must likely take your whole life to learn about it.

If you are in the discovery phase, you need to have the necessary knowledge and baggage to start.

FishingTackle Retailer – the business magazine of the sport fishing will show many different aspects of the sea world – the unique world that you can be never known.

Fish West

Nothing can make us relax after how many days we must study and work by a travel. We do not need to go abroad or the neighboring locations. Simply, you can discover your homeland waters.

It believes that after you read the posts on FishWest.com, you will want to take the backpack and begin the trip right now.

It does not mention the forced things you need to have are shared and sold online on the web. There is still the practical experience because the members share.

The Fishing Show

Matt Watson – a man who dreams to become a fisherman has gradually brought the closer dream than ever.

He creates a website to satisfy his own dream – TheFishingShow.com. With the experience in many years through a work as a crewing and the success in the business, he continuously shares what he has experienced.

The big fishes are caught through a small boat. The skilled surfboard is reproduced a true way via the videos. If you want more, let’s check it now!

Fishing Fury

Fishing is one part of most your trips, right? And you want to share with those who have the same hobby, don’t you? Well, Fishing Fury is one of the websites that you can join.

There are a lot of members with the certain experiences. They share the photos, videos, and experiences on forums, you, too. Therefore, if you have any questions, the members will quickly answer immediately.

Based on the spirit of mutual learning, this is a good thing. Don’t ignore!

Kayak Fishing Blog

Kayak, which becomes more familiar than ever is a common means when saying to an outdoor fishing or a rafting trip.

You will see the practical experience through the videos. You can determine the right type for each of waters. At once, the essential apps should bring.

Yes, all are zoomed out in Kayak Fishing Blog. Never too late so that you start your own discovery!

Mid Current

Fishing is a process, which needs the patient and the skills. What must you equip before starting? Don’t forget to consider the waters and weather!Even, if you are a fishing enthusiast, you still want more.

So, why don’t you follow MidCurrent.com? Their criterion is to learn to progress, with the experienced anglers, so you will get the enthusiastic support from them – the independent news on fly fishing and advice.

From there, you can quickly improve your level and knowledge. What a good it is!

Bonefish On The Brain


Bonefish On The Brain

It admits himself in love with bonefish despite not being an expert. Bjorn Stromness still spends a special interest in fishing and then builds a website, Bonefish on the Brain.

He uses most his time for the trips. And then, he shares them with those who have the similar passion, including, casting, flies, conservation, and more. Through the stories of himself or others, Bjorn brings everyone close to fly fishing.

Don’t hesitate to join if you also love bonefish.

Troutrageous! Fly Fishing & Tenkara Blog


Troutrageous! Fly Fishing & Tenkara Blog

Though you are married, you can still continue a dream with trout fishing. You are easy to recognize this when looking at what a blogger loving fishing share.

Instead of having the trips alone, you can go with your family in order that everyone creates the nice memories together.

All are clearly expressed when you find the family photos, the interesting shares, or the true story on Troutrageous.com. Let’s read to have the motivation to perform.

Bow River Blog

Have you ever known the Bow River? Yes, there is a great area so as to catch trout fishing. All four seasons in a year are ideal for fishing. Like that, you can go at any time of the year.

If you do not have more experience, you can consider the information on BowRiverBlog.

Mike Robertson born and grown on this land with nearly 15 experienced years on catching fish in the Bow River has built this website with desiring to make people understand about the Bow River more.

Ultralight Fishing Blog


Ultralight Fishing Blog

Are canoes or kayaks ideal for fishing? How to fish to make sure the safety? By what means can I maintain my fishing equipment? Or, which tips for you when taking the children joins your trip?

Well, there are too many questions in your mind at that time. You are looking for the answers to begin your fly-fishing trip.

Here! A good suggestion for you is to access to Anglerwise.com, which has most what you need to find, even, furthermore.

Moldy Chum

You want to catch the biggest fishes, don’t you? Follow Moldy Chum right away!Built in 2006, MoldyChum quickly attracts many fishers with the same mind.

The battles are expressed an alive way via the videos. If it called them like that, it was because you will not easily catch the big fish.

To catch them, you need to have the good fishing-rod and the very refined skills, apart from your strength. You can learn the members of MoldyChum to reach the desired level. Good luck!

The Fly Trout

A professional fisherman also needs to have the suitable clothes for their fly fishing trips, except, the forced accessories.

The different from the normal T-shirt, the T-shirts from The Fly Trout bring a fashionable and fresh look. What makes it become special?

Yes, the whole their shirts are printed by the hand. Only when you order, they start making.By the passion and the big love for fishing, The Fly Trout has created a unique fashion for those who enjoy fishing. You can easily get the latest shirt from the shop only with clicking. What convenient!

Matt Miles Fly Fishing

Lynchburg, Virgina is a wetland is ideal for fishing and sailing. Many travelers come here. You want to try, don’t you?

Grown up in Lynchburg, Matt spent most his time for fishing. Until Matt met Pat Dorsey – a fly-fishing expert, his life has gradually changed. The dream becoming a guide of fly fishing is closer.

With the experience guided more 700 trips, he set up a website – Matt Miles Fly Fishing, in which shares what he spent.

All will guide and teach you how to exist in the waters.


What posted on the TV can be bad faith, so you’d like to find the lively images. Don’t need to look for on the Youtube! The videos on fly fishing are shared every day on TrouttvShow.

How to catch the big trout or the surprising rivers you cannot ignore if you are a fisherman…

Beyond that, you are guided on a variety of aspects related to fly fishing with the practical images from the videos. Or even, you also want to share your experience with others. Here is an ideal web so that you can comfortably express.


The living is constantly exploring. Follow the AZGFD you will recognize the variety of the wildlife.

A website is various. You can find the information on fishing if you love this activity. Hunting and shooting are your favorite. It’s okay. The knowledge related to them also has. More and more…

All in all, AZGFD.com brings you close to the wildlife. Sitting in front of the screen, but you can discover the very real world.

Field & Stream

Nowadays, fishing is not still a boring activity. A large number of people choose to fish not as relaxing that they consider it as a challenge.

You can have to struggle to catch a big fish. This one is not a fun. There is a win.

You want to win natural and yourself, don’t you? You do not afraid to challenge, right?

So, don’t have any reasons why you cannot deny a useful website as Field & Stream. Read to know more!

Gink + Gasoline

The world around us is never close as now. What the most beautiful are shared quickly and easily.

The adventures are not imaginary. The battles between fishermen and big fish become more real than ever though you do not witness. The guides to fish are very clear.

Look at here! It seems that GinkandGasoline collects most videos related to fly fishing, trout fishing,… All are fishing.

If you also have the same passion, let’s join to share and learn together!


Trout season – fishing season, this is an ideal time for any fishermen. Hatch provides the right time to start a fly-fishing trip, along with the specific price.

It means that you can find the suitable time to arrange your job before starting.

The necessary equipment for a fishing trip is also reviewed clearly. Thanks to that, the novice will not feel confused because they do not have more experience.

The big photos widely shared on the web are also an attractive point. Keep in mind!

The Venturing Angler


The Venturing Angler

Before each of the trips, it cannot lack the gear. To enhance the knowledge, you need to study and read the books. And the most practical instruction are the videos.

Probably, Tim Harden understands this one, so he builds VenturingAngler with full of information.

Basically, the website is set up to serve for the fly fishing anglers. So, you that only need to access can take the desired information. An Amazon Jungle or the Swiss Mountains are waiting for you.

Fly Fish Food

We said to the fly fishing activities too much and then forget another important detail – the fish food. Certainly, you also know that each of species will have the different bait and fish-hook. How to determine?

Fly Fish Food can help you. You likely find the right bait and fish-hook for the species that you want to catch.

Nothing is hard. It is important that we afraid that. Let’s become a wise fisherman.

Le Mouching

Most bloggers have the professional staff, especially, the websites on fishing. The purpose is to share the real experience with readers.

Le Mouching consists of 7 members including 1 manager is also one of them. They have the certain knowledge on fishing, so you can learn many things from them.

Alternatively, to improve together, each of the members is ready to share, videos, books, what you read and knew, for example. Consequently, you will be able to improve your skills quickly.

Vagabond Fly

The passion for fishing is being replicated. An array of websites is set up with the desired to transmit the passion, including Vagabond Fly.

The website received more attention from netizens. The numbers of followers on the personal pages are more. This one shows the attraction of the page.

So, by what are they attracted? – There are interesting destinations in Argentina, aren’t there? Or the fly tying is featured.

What about you? What are attractive you? – There are the fishing techniques or the practical videos. After following, you will clearly know.

BD Outdoors

Don’t stop to discover West Coast! Yes, you’d like to learn more about North America, Central America, and even South America. Is it right?

Well, you have found a right address. BD Outdoors provides a lot of the interesting destinations. At the same time, they also guide how to conquer that land.

They have the forums so that you can share and ask any problems you need to have an answer. It is beneficial, right?

Share A Fishing Charter

You are strong and brave. You want to conquer the outdoor world, the large sea included.

If you are planning the trips, Share A Fishing Charter can be one of your options. Plan for you, involving, time and destination. Concurrently, they also give a current price in order that you can consult.

For those who do not have more experience, they help arrange and guide all. Your task is to give a right decision. Where? How much time? How much?

Florida Sports Man

You love poling a flat, casting inshore, or fishing offshore. Or simply, you are only a Florida Sportsman. That’s why Florida Sportsman is created so as to satisfy the enthusiast of the Florida Sportsman.

It has been established since 1969. The staff is the more experienced experts. Therefore, it is reliable and prestigious.

It is noticed that you can both learn and give the personalized opinions on the interesting problems such as the new gear, fishing, shooting,…

Salt Water Sportman

To discover one of the water, you can spend more time. Each of the waters will have the specific features. For you, do you like fresh or salt water?

If you have intended to explore the salt water, you can consider the instructions on SaltWaterSportman. The website offers the different salt water destinations from Florida to California and the related gear.

Have you determined that where you want to go? What gear should you bring?

Gary Klein Proangler


Gary Klein Proangler

Gary Klein – a professional angler joined the BASS competition and won the second in the race. Don’t stop! He continued taking part in other races and achieving the certain wins.

Nonetheless, in fact, Klein also missed no fewer opportunities and understood the reason why these things occurred.Therefore, to encourage other anglers with the same passion, he builds the website named himself – GaryKleinProAngler.

Let’s take the opportunity because the life does not give us one that is called tomorrow!

Brent Chapman Professional Angler


Brent Chapman Professional Angler

You consider the outdoor fishing as a passion. The hunting does not never absent you. Furthermore, you want to learn more from the professional fishermen.

Don’t afraid to introduce to you Brent Chapman – a professional angler! It can say that he is one of few excellent anglers of bass fishing. In 2012, he won the Elite Angler. After building BrentChapmanFishing, his income continues increasing.

A talented person is worth to learn. Let’s follow him to discover more!

John Crews

What do I need to follow the professional bass fishing? You want to get the best support so as to improve your own skills. Don’t worry! JohnCrews.com is one of the useful websites that you can consult.

There have the videos to help you understand the bass fishing more, the tips to support the aspect of the knowledge, the news updated daily,…

Inevitably, you can also share your experience when you contact them.

Timmy Horton Outdoors


Timmy Horton Outdoors

“How to become a good angler” – this is a process. If you have the demand, Timmy Horton Outdoor can become your option.

The major purpose of this web is to entertain and educate the anglers to improve their levels.

Really? – Yes! With many public destinations from everywhere recorded, you will have a large view on the way to fish as well as the various methods when fishing. So great!!!


Collect the stories from the real people and real work. Steve Donis decides to build a personalized website - IstayTooned to bring the anglers closer to together.

Each of the stories shows a character. From there, keep in mind and grow the imaginations. It can say that this website helps you nourish your dream and expand the realistic of fishing for the novice.

Keystone Anglers Guide Service


Keystone Anglers Guide Service

More you go, more experience you will have. Keystone Anglers Guide Service promises to bring the interesting fly-fishing trips for Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, for example.

This is a useful website for the beginners, in particular, those who are boring with the beaten path to find a new entertainment, fishing.

The websites are managed by the experienced anglers, who are ready to answer any your questions if had.

Cliff Prince

Time to time, most things have gradually disappeared, but the dream will be a partner with us.Like Cliff Prince, he spends most of his youth to pursue his own bass –fishing dream. And then, he has gotten the certain achievements.

If you are like him – be trying to become a professional angler, you can follow CliffPrinceFishing so as to consider what he shared. What can you learn from him?

Hunter Angler Conservationist


Hunter Angler Conservationist

The hunting trip brings the excited feeling while fishing makes you have the conquered feeling.

If you like one of two these activities and want to learn about both more, you can try visiting HunterAnglerConservationist.

By the experience, they provide many different aspects of fishing and hunting. The information is clear and true. A real hunter or angler do not ignore this learning opportunity.

Open Angler

New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wyoming, Rhode Island,… The fishing destinations are amazing. Follow! Follow right away!

Open Angler – It sounds that the anglers will be expanded the horizons if you access and learn.

Indeed, the staff provides the fishing trips, along with the specific guides. It is important that they help you find the ideal charter when fishing. Yes, you are difficult to see this one at other websites.

Angler’s Ammo Bucktail Jigs


Angler’s Ammo Bucktail Jigs

This is not a new web. If you look for Millie’s Bucktails, you will know that this is a company founded in the 1950s. Even, they have the base in the Florida Keys.

When coming to Anglers-Ammo, you can easily find the common bucktail jigs for species of the salt and fresh water, in particular, speckled trout, crappie, tarpon, grouper, yellowfin tuna, cobia, permit, stripe bass, and more.

Especially, they provide a variety of the colors and style, depending on the needs and preference.

Jeff Gustafson Outdoors


Jeff Gustafson Outdoors

Nowadays, fishing actually becomes a common outdoor sport. The numbers of people enjoying fishing are more and more. Therefore, the demand of learning the tips, guides, tournaments, or destinations to fish also increases.

Yes, these needs are not difficult because you can easily find on the websites. Nevertheless, which is suitable? There is a vital problem.

GussYouDoors.com includes the tips for fishing in the ice condition and even open water, links, gallery, video,...Those who love fishing in winter will like.

BassMaster Elite Series Angler


BassMaster Elite Series Angler

Another professional angler in Virginia has reached the excellent achievements for years (from 2012 to 2014) – Jacob Powroznik.

In 2000, J-Proz starts the pro-fishing career. He also wants the anglers around the world to be able to know about fishing more, so he has built a website named himself - Jacob Powroznik.com.

Check it out! If you want to follow the way of professional fishing.

Casey Scanlon Professional Angler


Casey Scanlon Professional Angler

If most experts of fishing were born or grown up in the river area, it seems that Casey is an exception. Being born in the eastern of Kansas, it takes more one hour to go to the nearest lake, but he still dreams to become a pro angler.

Follow his website – CaseyScanlonFishing, you will recognize his efforts. The huge love that he spends for fishing. Through that, your passion is also burnt.

Brandon Coulter

Have you seen fishing like a hunting? Well, you are also like Brando, who considers each of his fishing trip that is the hunting.

Fish with me – this is the greetings that Brandon wants to give the anglers when accessing to his website – BrandonCoulterFishing.com.

You can find the ideal beaches to catch. If you are a pro angler, there have the tournaments in order that you can consult to join.

Cody Kelley Fishing

The tournaments will bring the valuable experience for the fishing anglers. Looking at what Cody Kelley shared on his website - CodyKelleyFishing, the win photos have proven for all efforts of an angler.

Nothing is hard as long as you dare to face to the challenge.

There is a bit of difference from other sites. For the experienced anglers, Kelley mainly provides the fishing trips and the Special Olympics. Inevitably, he also offers the video coming with the guides for the novices.

Are you a pro angler or beginner?

John Horsey Fly Fishing


John Horsey Fly Fishing

Having more 20 years of guiding for the beginners, if it says that John Horsey is a professional guide of fly fishing, no one can deny.

Like that, you may guess what Horsey shares on JohnHorsey. Accurately, there are the fishing guides for both the new anglers and the pro ones. Aside from that, he also answers your questions related to fishing if had.

View from different angles, this is a helpful site that you should consider whether you simply like fishing or follow the pro-fishing career.

Welcome To Bowfin Country


Welcome To Bowfin Country

Kayak fishing is one of the common outdoor activities today. Apart from a kayak and the gear, you cannot lack the necessary skills for your trip.

Have you equipped the essential skills for yourself? If you do not have, it lets Henry Veggian help you. He is a kayaker with many experiences. On the contrary, you may also learn a lot of new things from him.

Where is the kayak fishing trip you are looking for? Go on read what Henry posts on BowfinCountry.

Todd Faircloth

Facing and conquering are what a fishing angler should do. The videos shared on ToddFairCloth is evident.

Rick Clunn has taken part in Bassmaster Elite Series in for years and reached the certain achievements.

With his experience, it believes that you will be provided many surprising things, how to see maps, the tournament schedule,…

BONUS#1: Castaholics



Looking for the ultimate fishing blog that's packed with exciting content and expert insights? Look no further than Castaholics - the Austin-based fishing blog that's making waves in the fishing community!

From the latest tackle and gear to cutting-edge techniques and tips, Castaholics has everything you need to up your fishing game. Explore the hottest destinations and hotspots around the world, discover the best boats and kayaks for your next adventure, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and events.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice angler, Castaholics is the go-to resource for anyone who loves fishing.

The Last Words

Everything seems simpler. You do not have to find a hard way. For the time being, your task becomes easier. Consider the websites carefully and give a right decision.

Remember that you must determine what you need. You want to learn or follow the pro-fishing career. Then, choose a proper one.

It hopes that this article will be helpful for you, in particular, the fishermen or fishing anglers.

Happy Fishing Enjoy!!!

Lucas Bryant

Hi, I’m Lucas Bryant and fishing is one of the most important parts of my life. I usually go fishing with my friends and have many fishing competition. That why I like to research and create many tips to get more fishes to win a race. I hope my experience will be useful for you.

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