All About Best Bass Fishing Lures: The Best Way to Catch Them

One of the most popular fish to catch among fishing enthusiast nowadays are Bass. The reason for this is their huge size, as well as their abundance. If you’re a beginner, and would want to know how to catch these prized catches, then you ought to know a lot of things, and one of the things that you would be taught here are the best bass fishing lures that would sure attract them and make it easier for you to catch.


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Catching Bass: Things you need to know

When it comes to catching bass, or fish in general, there are a lot of things that you have to consider and keep in mind. Having said that, it takes more than just knowing the best bass fishing lures in order for you to get a good catch. The successful catching of bass, or any other kind of fish for that matter would also depend on being familiar with the fish of your choice, knowing their characteristics and habits, so on and so forth. The following are the basics when it comes to catching bass:

 Bass: Basic Facts

Bass fish

Bass is one of the most common kinds of fish, which you could find thriving in either freshwater or seawater environments. These fish are members of the large order Perciformes, and are usually characterized by being medium to large-sized. They are commonly fished for their meat, which is delicious when cooked in various ways.

Also, one of the reasons why they are fished is due to their size, with competitions for fishing bass being a common activity in North America. The three general types of bass include the temperate basses, the Asian seabasses, and the black basses, each of which being present in different bodies of water. The largest bass that get caught could weigh as much as 22 lbs.

 Habitual Behavior

The weather in the place where you’re fishing greatly influences the behavior of the bass. Usually, Bass don’t come close to the surface in broad daylight, as they would instead be looking for shelter.

Having said that, they are most likely to come out as soon as the sun goes out as well, either just before sunrise or just after sunset.

Habitual Behavior Fishing Man

While fishing in these places would be difficult once the sun has set or has not yet risen, fishers normally seek the bass near their shelter such as places of the water teeming with seaweed, or near rocks and/or coral. In cases of broad daylight bass fishing, people position their bait in these places. Moreover, bass would normally wander about underwater in the afternoon in order for them to find something to eat. Having said all this, it’s ideal for you to search for bass either an hour before sunrise or after sunset.

 Pre-Spawning Period

Fish Spawning Period

If you would want to catch as many bass as you wish, then make it a point to capture them during the pre-spawning period. To know when the spawning season is, check on the water temperature on whether or not it has reached the range of 55 to 65 degrees, usually during the summer. This is because both males and females make the move to the shallower places, as they look for both food and a place to stay. At this point, it would be relatively easier for you to locate. As a matter of fact, farmers are even capable of detecting them straight from the shore.

It’s important, however, for you to return the female bass just in case you catch them so that they could complete the spawning process and ensure the continuity of their species. Remember that overfishing would cause an imbalance in the ecosystem, as it would ultimately cause their extinction.

 Bass Diet

Bass Fish Diet

Just like humans, Bass, whether those from the oceans or from the sea, have a preference to certain types of food. In order for you to determine the best bass fishing lures in order to catch these fish, make it a point to survey the environment in which they thrive, to determine what these fish could possibly pounce on. This would then give you an idea on the kind of lure you would have to use.

 Determining The Best Bass Lure

In order for you to determine the kind best bass fishing lures for you to use, it would be best to have a look at the inside of the mouth, or whatever they vomit whenever they fight against getting caught. What you see them vomit would most definitely be enough to give you an idea on what they eat, and consequently, the perfect bait you are to use in order to catch them.

Determining The Best Bass Lure

The best bass lures, therefore, are those that mimic the typical diet of the bass. Shiners are great baits, and either real or artificial frogs, crayfish, and worms would serve as great alternatives. Make sure to use a slip bobber so that the bass lure goes down well.

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Best Bass Fishing Lures In The Market Nowadays

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*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

best bass lures


The Booyah Super Shad works by mimicking a small school of fish, which is one of the things that bass, especially the freshwater species are attracted to.


  • Proven to be attractive to big fish, most especially bass.
  • Versatile for use either in freshwater, like lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds, or in saltwater bodies.
  • Comes in a color which is attractive to the sea bass, rather than something that could startle the fish, which is a possibility among other kinds.
  • Bass are attracted to schools of fish, and this particular kind of bait mimics exactly that. This is made possible thanks to the 55 strands that the skirt is equipped with. These strands definitely look like real fish huddled together.
  • Shiner type of bait, which is deemed the best kind of bait to use.
  • Smooth enough so that it blends well but does not get tangled with the seaweed, and as a matter of fact, would glide well among reeds.
  • Made of quality materials, hence you can expect product longevity and sustainability, as well as giving an assurance that it would not corrode in seawater.


  • Some users reported that this bait is relatively weak, and might break under hard pulling.
Blue Gill Sun Fish Panfish Talipia for Bass Fishing Lure


Given that bass are large fish, one of the most common creatures they feed on are smaller fish than them, one of which is tilapia. This is most especially true in freshwater bodies, which are usually teeming with tilapia. Because of this, baits that mimic the real thing would definitely lure bass to your hook.


  • Not just looks like a real tilapia, but moves like one as well. This could be attributed to the fact that it is segmented in nature, which allows it to move under water just like a real fish.
  • Good for catching small to medium-sized bass, capable of catching bass as large as 10 lbs.
  • With all other factors set well, this bait allows you to catch within a few castings.
  • Sinks slow enough to not startle the target fish.
  • Efficient in catching fish, as one of these baits is enough to catch multiple fish, just as long as the fishing line or hook will not snap.


  • Some users may report it breaking during the first time, but this is greatly dependent on other factors, and therefore not considered as a major disadvantage.
Lixada 10cm/4


This is one of the greatest additions for your list of accessories you can find in the tackle box. It looks just like a real fish, and measures 10 cm and weighs 15.5 g, which is perfect for capturing bass.


  • Realistic-looking, Bionic Fish with 3-dimentional eyes, and a body that looks like a fish when it swims.
  • The fish swims in an s-motion, and is capable of adapting different speeds, depending on the body of water.
  • Pulling force for the fish is at 17 kg because it makes use of rigid fabrics.
  • ABS material used is free from foul, chemical odors and is safe to the surroundings and the over-all ecosystem.
  • Ideal for various kinds of fishes apart from bass, such as walleye, pike, roach, trout, muskie, etc.
  • Suitable for use among Anglers.
  • Versatile enough for use in either freshwater or seawater.
  • Weight and color is attractive enough for bass.
  • Affordable, average price is half as that of other kinds.


  • The great thing about this product is the fact that there are no major cons when it comes to its use as bait for fish, definitely one of the best around.
best bass lures


Apart from color and other characteristics, another thing that would surely grab the attention of bass would most definitely have to be sound, and this is something that the RapalaRattlin Fishing Lures has, making is one of the best lures for bass and other fishes.


  • Swimming Actions are slow, and retrieve rates are very fast, making it seem just like real fish.
  • Equipped with not just one, but 2 hooks made of black nickel for a better chance at catching fish.
  • Comes with a mechanism that induces a rattling sound while underwater, which would cause the fish to be curious.
  • Sound that the wobble that this lure makes is uniform, harmonic, and similar to other sounds that are natural enough for fish to not be startled by it.
  • Allows for fishing in various environments, whether seawater or freshwater without corrosion or damage whatsoever.
  • Design is lipless to accommodate other fish apart from bass.
  • Made of high quality materials, and hence allows for long-term use.
  • Each lure, before being made to sell are tested in tanks and tuned manually to make sure that it’s fit for use.
  • Over-all makes fishing bass a much more interesting experience.


  • Different fishes have different traits, and therefore some of them may find the rattling sound a bit too distractive.
Rebel Lures Bumble Bug Fishing Lure


Apart from baits that look like small fish, another kind of bait that would be able to attract bass would be baits that look like bugs. Basically, bass are attracted, or are curious about things they find unusual underwater.


  • The bug form of this lure is certain to attract fishes on the surface fast.
  • Wobbles enough to startle fish on the surface.
  • Perfect for light fluorocarbon lines.
  • Made of quality, sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly.
  • Since bass usually come to the surface, having this lure around would definitely be a great option, and is great to use if you aim on catching multiple fishes.


  • Too light for deep-sea fishing, and is only good for fishing at the surface of the body of water, thus severely limiting the kinds of fish you could catch.


The best bass lures would most definitely not be enough in order for you to catch them, but one of the things you have to keep in mind is the fact that no matter how good the quality of the baits you get are, if you are not familiar with their habits and behavior, you would most definitely end up having a hard time catching these fish. It’s also best to invest in lures that would also double as hooks, simply because it would spare you time when it comes to setting up the necessary apparatus.

Having said that, while all of the baits stated above truly deliver and work well, the best one for you to use would most definitely be RappalaRattlin Fishing Lures, as it’s equipped with not just one, but two hooks on its bottom, while resembling the little fish that these bass usually love to pounce on, especially the seawater variety.

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